Werk Wednesdays Series: Email Marketing


Last week I talked about the importance of an online business having their own website. Today, let's talk about mailing lists. Not mailing lists with addresses although if you want to send me something pretty or a sweet note, here's my PO box: Kimber Lee 1384 Norfolk, VA, 23501. 

Mailing lists for email marketing.

Marketing?!? Yep, you have to market your biz. Simply posting links and pictures on social media isn't enough, and honestly, that gets annoying.

Read Jab Jab Jab Right Hook for more on that.   



Every business should have the email addresses of their potential customers and previous customers. 


So you can communicate with them consistently and provide them with quality content. You know helpful blog posts, coupon codes and alerts on upcoming sales if you have products. 

Remember if the social media platform that you love disappears so will all those loyal fans/followers. 

Out of site out of mind. 

But when you have their email addresses, you can email them and let them know you're still around. 

I use mailchimp. I love the monkey. It has free and paid options. 

Then there’s  Aweber and GetResponse. Check the reviews. 

In the next few weeks, I'll talk more about email marketing, newsletters and opt-ins. But for now-go & get that email marketing tool!