Why I created Chic Systems Mastery

I created Chic Systems Mastery program because I was tired of seeing chic + savvy solopreneur women struggling in their business. The behind the scenes biz struggle is U-G-L-Y they ain’t got no alibi. The back-end business struggle is real.


I would hear and see these women complaining about working all the time and never having time for herself.


What little time she could find away from her computer was dedicated to her family so her husband wouldn’t start looking at the random women in gym or at work, and so her children wouldn’t think that the computer was all mommy cared about. She craved time with her girlfriends aside from the occasional “LOL” and “I miss you,” responses on Facebook and Instagram.

I knew it was possible to make more money, have clients that adore and rave about you, cultivate relationships and network online; nurture and love a family, while enjoying the luxuries of life with your favorite people.

I’m living proof, as well as my chic + savvy solopreneur superstar clients. We have mastered systems. The dreaded “S” word is what can transform working 7 days a week to having 3 day weekends every week. Systems are traditionally dry and masculine. Most entrepreneurs are either intimidated by systems as they are “one more thing to do,” or they simply have no clue what systems are, or they assume the overwhelm and chaos is just a part of business.  In knowing this, I have added my feminine flair of fabulousness to Chic Systems. I would lie to you and tell you systems are sexy and you should get excited about Evernote, Trello, and Toggl. Simply put, systems aren’t sexy. Yet, the bottom line that systems produce are beautiful.

Think of going to the gym for 30 days straight and how amazing you feel and look afterwards. Eating clean and exercise does a body good. Chic systems and implementation does a business good. Your bottom line increases which means you are making more profits. You aren’t just breaking even. You are able to outsource work that you either don’t want to do or cannot do. You are staying in your zone of expertise and taking on more clients (only if you want to), while that extra 8 hours a week is spent living your passions.

Chic Systems Mastery was created with you in mind. You’re already busy running a business, and some days it seems like the business is running you. This program has done for you worksheets and templates where you just copy & paste the system into your business. Easy peasy, I’ve done all the hard work for you. There are video and audio trainings teaching you to navigate through the tools. A coaching call each week to customize systems for your business. Weekly email coaching in between the coaching calls for support and mentorship. So many goodies and benefits.

My mission is to help women live their dreams. It’s really hard to pursue your dream wholeheartedly when you’re broke, overwhelmed, and working all the time. And what's sexy about that? 

Are you ready to BLAST overwhelm and organize the day to day chaos? Let's do this!