What are systems?

What are business systems

Systems are the rules you create for your business. You're the boss, you're the mama, your rules!

You just have to make sure your rules are for the greater good of your business.

Business Systems Definition

Systems are documented practices that you do in your business over and over and over. 

However many solopreneurs don't have systems or they don't follow the rules. Things get done here and there. Solopreneur success does not come with here and there shooting from the hip.

Systems have checks and balances.

Systems ensure that things get done.

Systems allow for you to get sick and your business' immune system goes untouched.

Systems automate your business.

Systems eliminate overwhelm because you already have plans in place for this or that.

They allow for you to hire and outsource tasks.

Systems allow for you to have more free time to do whatever makes your heart smile.

So many people talk about the hustle and bustle in business. Rest and FUN are just as important.

Systems allow for you to make more money.

So that's more time, more money, more fun.

What systems do you have in place?

Action Jackson

  1. Evaluate your daily systems.

  2. What do you do over and over in your business?

  3. Write out one system in your business structure.