Slay Your Success

Organization beats overwhelm any day.  

At the end of every month, you'll hear at least one person say "I can't believe how fast this month flew by."

We all know that the speed of time doesn't change. What happens is we usually don't get everything done that we planned on. We throw around the dreaded B word.


Before every month, or realistically, by the 10th of each month I map out my monthly goals. Yearly goals, quarterly goals, and monthly goals determine your success level. So obviously if you haven't set your yearly and quarterly goals, the monthly goals won't be so easy.

No worries, you can always start over. You can ALWAYS revamp your goals because this biz life is full of moving parts.

So each month you want to break down your bigger goals [yearly + quarterly]. Without breaking them down into actionable tasks and reminding yourself of the reason these tasks are're just going through the motions. Reviewing these goals monthly also helps determine if the strategy you have in place is working.

If every day at 11 am you post on Instagram and your follower count, engagement percentage, and clientele haven't increased. Next month you need to do something different.

Goals 101:
You want to map out your goal. [Be very clear + concise]
The steps/process that you need to do in order to complete the goal.
Why is this goal important to you and your business?
How will you measure that the goal has been completed/achieved?

Every month I review 10 areas in my life, that help me to plan what I need to be working on.

Health + Fitness
Romantic/Love Life

1. Financial - #moneygoals I determine how much money I want to make each month and assign a purpose for those funds. I also map out money to save and pinpoint what I'm saving for. Every cent should have a purpose. I even note if there's a big purchase I may need to make personal or business wise, so it won't be a surprise the budget.

2. Health + Fitness - review where you can improve your health + fitness. It could simply be drinking more water and keeping up with doctor appointments.

3. Philanthropic- I truly believe in giving back and helping others. Find a cause that's bigger than you and contribute to it. This doesn't just have to be monetary donations. You can volunteer your time or money, build awareness for causes that are important to you. Positively influencing the world and the inhabitants will always be a great thing to do.

4. Family- create goals for your immediate family. If an overall goal for you is to have good relationships with your family, then monthly a goal can be to communicate weekly with certain members you don't regularly speak to. Family is very important to me. Each month we have a family night and a family meeting. So when planning, these goals/tasks need to be acknowledged. In addition to the tasks that may come up for my children's activities.

5. Social-planning socially or making social goals does not apply to social media. With social media, it makes us think we are being social and engaging with people. But to truly thrive, get out of the house and go enjoy your faves and friends. Make dinner plans and actually keep them. Go to the hot new spot you saw on Yelp. Live a lot and enjoy the life that you are steady creating. So whose birthday is this month? Any social events that you previously RSVP'ed for that you need to be aware of when you are scheduling your project's for the month.

6. Biz- map out the 1-3 goals/projects that you have for your biz each month.

7. Self-care- to create balance in your life, you need to take time out to establish monthly self-care practices. This area is the main area that most women fail at in life...truly caring for ourselves. Develop a plan that you will be able to integrate into your life so you are able to manage the daily stressors. Self-care is replenishing yourself weekly. Create routines that allow you to refresh daily, so a morning and night routine to ensure you get enough rest or quiet time, if that is something you notice that you need.

8. Spiritual- some refer to spiritual as organized religion, others view it as finding the meaning to life, and some define spiritual as a connection to something bigger than ourselves.

9. Romantic/Love life- relationships are hard. Even the good ones with no major "problems" are hard. And as with anything else that's hard, you need to put in work. Monthly you should plan to go on regular dates [without discussion of the babes, finances], plan to learn/do something new together, and discuss your sex life weekly to ensure you keep that fire burning.

10. Recreation- recreation is an essential element of human biology and psychology. Recreational activities are often done for fun. This category can integrate with many of the other categories. Finding an activity that is fun and brings you pleasure can be part of your fitness plan to lose weight, or you may find a Groupon for pole dancing and decide to go with your bestie to fulfill the social need that month. Or you may take up a recreational hobby that satisfies your self-care needs. Have's not a hard concept to grasp. Just make time for it monthly.

Now that you know the ten goals to focus on for each month, you should be able to slay every part of your life. Living holistically and focusing on yourself, social circle and business are the only ways to truly SLAY SUCCESS.

Because I believe you are dope as hell. I created a workbook SLAY your SUCCESS to help you map out these goals.


The concept is simple but can lead to exponential growth when put to use month after month.

Success is in the details.
The 30-page workbook is only $10. It is interactive and you're able to fill in the PDF's from your computer and print or just print and fill them out by hand.

10 ways to slay your goals for success + a 30 page workbook | Biz Bestie 

Stay Amazing,