VA's are NOT Band-Aids for your business


Your income has been consistently increasing and you're ready to hire a virtual assistant (VA) for continual work.        


Go you! It's your birthday! Go you!

In the online world this can be a badge of honor. You hire your first long-term assistant and you start to feel like a real GIRL BOSS. You have a team and are checking off your accomplishments for the year.

Then you meet with your VA for the first time, you feel like you were given a final exam for Neurosurgery 505.


She asked you for everything but your mother's maiden name and if you aren't using LastPass she may need your mother's maiden name.

You tell her you'll get everything she needs before she starts.  

Now here you are this gorgeous GIRL BOSS trying to slap an ugly bandaid on your business and your lovely new VA calls you out on every inconsistency and flaw of your business. And if she doesn't say it to you, she's telling all her VA girlfriends about you.  

From the outside looking in your business is ideal. You are the IT girl in your industry. And now you have someone looking at all your skeletons in your chaotic biz closet.  This was not what you signed up for. Think about this, If you go into something as serious as surgery, you would want the doctor to be prepared with more than band-aids right?

Of course! So just hiring a VA will not instantly transform your business. There’s some prep work to be done on your part.

Help yourself and your future VA out today! Get your business out of your head. You do not want to be a one woman show.

I'll repeat you do not want to be a one woman show!

This will cripple your creativity and drain your energy.

Here's 3 things you can do today:

1. Sign up for LastPass, seriously it's $12 a year for the paid version and saves you the headache of changing passwords when you need to bring someone on.

2. Get a piece of a paper and WRITE down everything that you do in your business. Spoiler Alert: a business that lives in your head does not have the full capabilities to flourish.

3. On another piece of paper, fold the paper into fourths. Look at the previous paper and now put those tasks into the following categories:

  1. Tasks only you can do (your expertise)
  2. Tasks you are okay at doing
  3. Tasks that take you aren't that good at and(or) hate doing
  4. Tasks that take you forever and (or) you just don't know how to do effectively.

3.1. Add these lists to Evernote so you will have them on hand when you write up your job description.