Three Things You Need To Do Before You Quit Your Online Business


You just got off the phone venting to your bestie about how you really just want this business to succeed, but none of your efforts are working. “Girl, just quit!” You hang up with those words lingering in your mind. Your bestie isn’t in business, so she doesn’t get it. Yeah, you can get a job. You know you can even get a bridge job to make things a little more secure. You text your other bestie, because after the last call, you just aren’t up for talking. She tells you to just go with your heart. Neither one of them, get it.

Part of you wants to quit and other parts just want to do the work.

You start dissecting what the hell does 'do the work' even mean. You've been working hard and to no avail, you haven't had the traction that you see everyone in Facebook groups, Twitter, & Periscope talking about.

Here are three things you need to QUIT doing when you are thinking about quitting.

(wine isn't included, but get yourself a glass of Shiraz)

First thing first, stop watching what everyone else is doing.

Some are lying (fake it to you make it is a horrible phenomenon) and others you don't want to take on their business model.

Constantly watching others will dilute your brand, message and work.

If listening to them, doesn't push you into Action Jackson [extreme action + doing} mode, then you need to unsubscribe and stop paying attention.

2. Quit getting on social media until you've done the work.

Yea yea, I know you're "marketing." Listen to me, if you aren't making real money (pay your mortgage + beyond money), you don't have the luxury to laugh out loud with people on Facebook + Twitter all day. That is not marketing, it's just passing the time with others who have time to waste. 

2.1 Make a list of EVERYTHING you do that is a time waster. Post that list next to your computer. Anytime you catch yourself doing something on the time waster list, rewrite the list three times. 

Discipline is a must for success! Train yourself to become disciplined. 

Set a time period where you work on money generation activities (client work, product + service development, and creating amazing free content for people to get a taste of working with you).

From whatever time I wake up (don't judge my promptness) until 2 pm EST Monday through Thursday you will not see me actively on social media. If im not with a client, working on agency client work, doing non profit work, or testing out new tools for you + my clients to automate biz. Then I'm working on free content to share.

3. Review your strategy or lack thereof for the past 30 days.

What services/products were you offering/had available?

How did you let your ideal lady know about this?

How did she respond?

Now look at the gaps of last month and develop a plan to fill them those gaps over the next 30 days.

When you are at the breaking point of quitting, it’s time to set your business up for a breakthrough. You cannot set yourself up for success without strategies designed to grow your business and maximize profits. Besties are great, but when they aren’t in business, they don’t know how to help you get out of a rut into action that will make a difference. Grab your spot in the Business Bestie Breakthrough Program today!

Talk soon, 

Kimber xxo