The Tale of Two Memes

I have two clients by the name of Mimi. For the purpose of this Post, I'll spell their names differently. Mimi and Meme (and not meme like the images that give us kicks and giggles but Me-Me)

Follow me?

Great...let's proceed.

Mimi owns a day spa and hired me to get her business online and streamlined.

Meme runs an online fashion boutique. She hired my team to eliminate the chaos and create structured processes.

A tale of two memes is a marketing story. Read up on how your business strategy should integrate client experience. 

A tale of two memes is a marketing story. Read up on how your business strategy should integrate client experience. 

Both Mimi and Meme have profited over $50k in this quarter alone.

SN: You can make money without systems, but the real profits roll in when your systems are flawless.

Meme was marketing through Facebook (paid and unpaid), Instagram (unpaid) and through email marketing. I actually was surprised that she was using content marketing beyond sales.

Meme sends out monthly newsletters that feel like an invitation to get a glimpse of the rich and fabulous. Meme is working with Instagram sensations and celebrities monthly and she's sharing these experiences with her fans. The stories and the pictures are beautiful...just one's all about Meme.

That's right it's ALL me me me me me!

Who the hell cares? Am I being harsh, no ma'am. Anyone reading an email that's just me me me is thinking that...IF they even continue to read.

Meme hired us for automation. She told me she had marketing under wraps. We automated her sales flow and initiated a flawless client experience.

Despite initial is a major part of client experience.

Meme changed her copy to highlight her products and her clients. No more long novel like emails detailing her experience but she began to highlight her customers desire for this fabulous lifestyle. Styling tips from Instagram sensations and success mantras from the celebrities. She invited fashion bloggers to share styling tips, how to pack for the weekend to month long trips, and makeup hacks. Instead of sharing her lifestyle and experience through email she moved those stories to snapchat. The strategy behind this was genius...if I say so myself.

Now the other Mimi wasn't online officially. She had a website, but it was just a placeholder for the day spa on the web. Nothing memorable, to make you want to go into her spa.

And what a disservice that was, because Mimi’s salon is gorgeous. The essence makes you feel amazing as soon as you walk thru the door. It smells like jasmine and lavender mixed with sweet scents of women with good taste in perfume. All of her staff is remarkably stunning.

It's as though she hired models just for a photoshoot. Nope, they work there every week.

Mimi's Facebook surprisingly was poppin! Mimi has been operating off of word of mouth and Facebook. And the Facebook love was by chance, whenever someone would leave they immediately went to the page and raved about it.

Mimi didn't have anyone managing this page to even ‘like the comments that were being left. There was no one checking in on the clients once they left. Mimi’s client experience was solely focused on those that entered the day spa.

Ignoring client experience is leaving money on the table.

Mimi previously had photo stock photography on her site. Which is fine, but considering how remarkable her salon and staff are, that was an instant do-over.

Mimi had a photo shoot and had her website redone. Mimi added a scheduling app for her clients to book online which would save them a few coins in addition to capturing their email and phone number.

This way her receptionist only needed to call those who have not verified that they want to receive text or email reminders. With this extra time saved she was able to tackle social media and comment on that abandoned Facebook page.

Mimi started utilizing those emails she was capturing online (from clients and potentials). Monthly Mimi sent an email telling her peeps about the most purchased service and included a discount code/coupon for those who were on the email to utilize within the next 7 days.

Mimi started using Facebook live and having a Facebook live party once a week. Mimosas and manicures with Mimi every Monday. This was genius considering her clients were naturally attracted to Facebook.

We got ads running on Facebook. Created an Instagram account because image is everything and ran ads over there too.   

You want to be like Mimi and not Meme when it comes to your business strategy, marketing and client experience. You want to create an exclusive experience that builds rapport and relationships with your customers based on their needs.

Major key: understand the necessary wants and needs of your clients is the first step to designing what an amazing experience would look like for them.  

Mimi understood client experience, yet she just did not extend this same experience online. It’s a digital world we live in and we’re all connected, like it or not.

85% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses.

The experience of your brand should be amazing in person, online through ALL mobile devices and desktops or MacBooks [laptops], social media, email, sales process and support process. This is where Mimi was slacking.

Your target market may be a business (B2B) or a consumer (B2C), and behind every interaction is a person. And it’s up to you to make the experience worthwhile for this person.

Remember Meme was only showing her consumers what she was doing...this was not meeting any needs of her consumers. Meme thought their need was cute and trendy clothes and she was focusing on showing them a fabulous life. Although the cute and trendy clothing brought them to Meme’s site and social media, their need was greater than clothes and drooling over someone else’s online life. They wanted fashion and beauty tips, confidence boosters, and inspiration. When she transitioned to meeting those needs, there was a transition in her business.

Focus on your consumer from the beginning to the end. And the end isn’t at the end of the day or the end of the session. Building a successful business means you are thinking about longevity and not just this quarter or this year. Create a client experience that will yield lifelong relationships. [Even if that relationship is just them raving about how amazing your business is when they utilized your services and/or products.

Live. Love. Action

1.Evaluate your current client experience.

2.Determine your client’s needs

3.Brainstorm a client experience strategy with steps to delight your clients for the lifetime of your business.