The Cat in the Hat can teach you a thing or two

Every night (okay let me be real only Sunday through Thursday) I read a story to my 3 years old. For the past two weeks he has only wanted to read The Cat in the Hat. So last night I ask him does he want to read another book. Of course he says no.

WHY?? I ask.

“Because I like the characters, they use funny timing [rhyming] words,” he replies.

Kids are simple.

He didn't care that he has an entire library of other books- to include many Dr. Seuss books. The Cat in the Hat makes him laugh and he appreciates that.


It made me think how sometimes in business [& life] we complicate things.

Overthinking and just being the expert can definitely complicate things from time to time.

Creating systems from scratch can be beastly and overwhelming. They aren't sexy. You are, but your systems, not so much.


Keep it Simple.

When creating your systems keep them simple.

Systems are a bunch of moving parts. Systems aren't your business unless you're in the systems business.

You're in business to make money, systems simply support those efforts.

If you're a checklist person use checklists & asana or evernote.

If you're a visual person use post-it's, white boards and paper & pen. Check out Trello too.

We have a baby night time routine system based on my son's behaviors. (Refusal to go to bed because he's "hungry " aka he's learned that kids aren't sent to bed hungry or he hasn't finished a puzzle or he needs to call his mama or papa.)

Here's how it would look:

  • Baby eats dinner
  • Baby picks out book
  • Baby gathers toys he wants in bath if different from the night before
  • Baby says goodnight to everyone in house
  • Ask baby does he want to call grandparents...
  • If yes call grandparents
  • Remind Baby that he is not allowed downstairs after he gets in bath.
  • Baby has bath  
  • Baby gets in Pajamas
  • Mommy reads to baby
  • Mommy & Baby says prayers
  • Mommy reminds baby that he is not allowed downstairs
  • Mommy kisses baby & tells him God will protect him he's already said his prayers
  • 15 minutes mommy or daddy checks to see if baby is sleep

3 Chic Tips to Mastery:

1. Vow to keep life & business simple.

2. Assess where you can add The Cat & The Hat tactics: simple, fun, & helpful.

3. Laugh more. Worry less. Laugh lines are acceptable, stress wrinkles aren't as cute.

Systems reduce the worry about money and day to day practices.