Has your business experienced the big O?

Hey Girlboss! Has your business experienced the big O?!? If not...click through to read what you need to do to achieve it. 

Some ladies will never experience the big O. Despite all the deep intense talks they have with their biz besties...none of those techniques will help them get that O that they crave, desire and know they've worked hard for.

Outsourcing doesn't just happen.

What big O were you thinking of?!?



Don't answer that and let's focus on the big O!

Outsourcing is more than just hiring another business owner to complete work for you. << click here to tweet this >>

Much of the information out here goes a little like this:

You're busy...you need help. Hire someone to help you. Boom! Everyone gets a unicorn!


Or like this...

You're a girl boss...you don't have to do the things you hate to do...hire someone else to do it.

And here's my favorite...

You can't afford to NOT hire an assistant to help move your business forward.

Well guess what happens to 85% of chic + savvy solos who shoot their shot with the big O the first and second time?!?

They don't see sparkly unicorns or the light or anything that looks like relief.

They experience more work...frustration and chaos.

Hiring before you are ready is an amateur move. Yeah...I said it.

You HAVE to be ready! [and not just financially]

Here's three things you need to do today before going after the big O!

1. Get your business out of your head.

Stop storing your business ideas, plan and procedures in your mind. Create a standards of operations that outlines how your business runs.   The more detailed the better.

2. Make a list of the tasks that you do in your business. Then classify which tasks are:

  • Money generating
  • Administrative low
  • Administrative high
  • Zone of Genius (only you can do)
  • Time suck but necessary

Things outside of your zone of genius that are money generating should be outsourced first.

You already got your business out of your head in step one, so you should be very clear on what parts of your business generate money.

3. Determine a budget for the tasks that you need/want outsourced.

A. If you can't afford to hire help, you can't afford it. Stop trying to be like the Joneses because the Joneses are broke!

Create a strategy of how you can hustle to make the money necessary to pay the contracted person got their work at minimum of 90 days.

B. You've looked over your expenses and you know you can afford to outsource tasks to on a regular basis starting with at least 90 days.  

Pop the champagne or water bottle (if you’re counting calories) and start preparing for the big O!