Stop treating your customers like gold! Treat them like Taylor's Swifties (pop culture case study)

People will tell you to treat your customers like gold. Ignore them! Click through to read to find out exactly what you can do in your business for the best client experience. | Entrepreneur | Girlboss 

People will tell you to treat your customers like gold. Ignore them! Gold is so cheap these days.

Instead treat your customers like Taylor Swift treats her fans. Taylor Swift is known for the love she pours into those that support her.  She calls her fans "swifties" and they all receive bestie treatment.

Taylor sends thoughtful gifts to her Swifties. Recently she sent $1989 to pay for student loans after reading a Swiftie wrote on social media that she was struggling to pay her loans. Taylor has invited her biggest fans to pizza parties at her home AND she bakes them cookies. Yes, homemade cookies. Beyonce hasn’t made me cookies YET. Meanwhile, Taylor also has sent jewelry, bought lunches, written handwritten notes and homemade Valentines cards.

No more gold. You want to treat your clients like Taylor treats her Swifties.

She pays attention to her social media and knows who is talking to her. She engages authentically with her swifties.

So if you're still treating your peeps like dusty gold sitting around on your dresser or stuffed in the back of your jewelry box- dust yourself off and move in a new direction.

5 chic tips for giving your clients superstar treatment:

  1. Buy your customers gifts

  2. Send them handwritten thank you notes just because

  3. Randomly send past customers love tokens

  4. Engage with your social media followers (let them get to know you while you get to know them).

  5. Run fun contests that gets them involved in your business.

Use Evernote or Trello to keep track of the ideas that you come up with for your client lovin system. Because of course client lovin’ is a system.

Come across a cute etsy shop? Save the link in your Evernote so you easily can access it.

Your customers will love that you took the time to show your gratitude (no matter how big or small).  

What ways can you woo your customers and make them feel better than Taylor's Swifites?