Systems vs. Tools

Every business needs systems and tools. With the new year, I see so many business owners throwing out the word systems but when I look closer they are only talking about tools.


Tools and systems are not synonymous.

Tools + productivity hack + strategy x repetition= system

Tools help to carry out systems and enhance a system in automating your business.

My favorite tools this week are asana and streak. The systems behind them are a bit strategic.

For example I use Asana to manage:

  • TDL

  • CRM

  • Podcast pitches

  • Project manager

  • So many things [working on a guide to share all the goodness]

In order to create a system look at what you do over and over. Make note of the steps that are needed and those that aren't. Assess where you can shave time, automate, and or outsource. Write it down and follow those steps from here on out. That is a system.  

Here's an example of my Podcast system:

  • Research potential guest  

  • Interact with potential guest casually and genuine

  • Send potential guest an email informing of the podcasts mission and invite them to be a guest.

  • Once the guest accepts the invitation, send guest an email explaining recording process and a link to podcast scheduler. [The scheduler is linked to my main calendars]

  • The scheduler sends the guest reminders before the interview date. If needed they are able to cancel and reschedule through the scheduler.

  • Edit the podcast

  • Record Intro

  • Upload Intro

  • Type up show notes [I use a template]

  • Create links for the download url and show notes

  • Edit image [I use a template]

  • Create blog post for podcast show notes

  • The day before the podcast goes live I email the guest with the show notes, an image to share on their social media if they choose, pre written tweets about the show, and the download link.

This system is composed of a few moving parts and tools, but it's fool proof. There's a checklist to make sure everything gets done and in order.


The templates make it so I can easily pick up where I left off and not have to wonder if XYZ was completed. No time is wasted trying to figure out where to start, because I know it's done if the task below it is completed. The checklist also makes it possible to pass it off to my assistant if I don't have time to finish some tasks and the deadline is nearing. She knows exactly where to start and what to do.

Systems automate your business. Automation leads to more time which is freedom.

Won't you be free with me?