System's aren't sexy

Most people believe it or not, don't wake up and say "I really need to get my systems together."

They may say “WTF/WTH...why isn't this working for me? I'm doing everything right. I'm doing EVERYTHING my XYZ coach says do. I'm doing EVERYTHING from that course and academy I took.”

Oh it happens.

No one thinks to look at their systems or processes, because systems just aren’t sexy.


Wanna know what is sexy?

Butts! The BOTTOM line! The bigger the better depending on who you ask.

I like butts. Big butts.



I'm a little obsessed with my booty. I worked hard for it. I sacrifice cupcakes and I love cupcakes. I do squats and weighted 180 pounds squats at that. Squats aren't sexy, burpee’s aren’t sexy. and cardio just plain sucks!

Yet the bottom line makes me happy!

Same thing with systems. Systems show you where there's holes in your business and life and help you to patch them up.

A big bottom line for your business equates to more time and more money. Now that’s sexy!

You aren't wasting time on unnecessary tasks if you have proper systems in place. That is sexy!

And you my friend, are a sexy beast! Don’t let the lack of systems or improper systems decrease your sex appeal.

Here are 4 systems that every business needs to have:

  1. Daily System

  2. Content Creation System

  3. Money Generation System

  4. Marketing System

These 4 systems can be broken down into itsy bitsy processes to make sure you don’t leave room for error. As sexy as we are, we’re prone to an error here or there.

If you don’t have any system in place today...I want you to pull your left hand out and put it in front of you then pop it with your right hand! Now that we got that minor portion of corporal punishment underway.

The first system that you should implement is a Daily System, which is a group of systems that is pertinent to everyone who has goals to be accomplished. Daily Systems include daily schedules to include personal [yours + your babes if that applies + your huni if that applies] and business; self care routine, time management processes and organization.

Soon, I’ll share a process with you that I use with my clients to help them to maximize on their day and add to their daily system. However, for now here’s a downloadble PDF that I use daily in mapping out my day.

Live. Love. Action.

  1. Watch Ellen’s Anaconda vide for a good laugh 

  2. Call a friend and ask them what was the funniest thing that happened to them last week.
  3. Download the PDF and get your day(s) rocking!