Every Chic Solopreneur Needs A Pair of SPANX


You bought this amazing dress in your size. The lighting in the dressing room gave you an extra oomph, but you knew you looked good in the dress. Fast forward to date night, you pull the dress out the closet and try it on before you get all dolled up.

Something is missing.

You grab your spanx and squeeze in because who doesn't squeeze in?!? [Don't answer this...our friendship relies on you not answering this! ]


Gym or no gym...spanx can accentuate things for the best of us.

Spanx aren't like your grandmother's girdle. These things are sexy and undetectable. Sexay!

Systems work just like spanx. Oh, you knew the Segway was coming.

Systems have the power to transform and accentuate any business. There are people running businesses without systems.

But why work harder if you don't have to? Why add unnecessary stress and headaches?


Anything you do over and over needs a process and system in place.

Just like with our bodies, we know our best biz features and the things that need a little extra attention. Systematize first what needs extra attention.

If you KNOW follow up is not something you are good at, you need a client management system first.

If you KNOW that you hate marketing, you need to set up a money generating system first. Because you also know you cannot sell a secret.  

3 Chic Takeaways:

1. Spanx are not your granny's girdle, but rather an amazing accessory that accentuates all the glory of your body.

2. Systems accentuate the growth in your business.

3. Systems are not a quick fix. They take time to develop and implement, but once they're done, they are done.

You can keep your systems on day and night, ehhhh spanx not so much.

Are you ready to try on a little black dress biz edition for size? Get your business systems customized and streamlined .

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