Social Media Like a Boss

Are you ready to boss up & social media like a BOSS?!?  

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Anytime you say "like a BOSS" it just sounds so much more official.


These tips my friend will up-level your social media marketing game.

First thing first. There are so many social media platforms out here. So be clear on your three. 

Anything over three will be counterproductive.

Social media can be a MAJOR time suck. Even for the most disciplined lady. Willpower is a strength. Pick three platforms that work best for you. Factor in your personality, attention span, and overall enjoyment. Look, don't be on a social media platform just because you see everyone else on there. Likes, follows,and hearts don't pay for Chipotle, hydrafacials, or even Facebook ads.

Simple social media best practice: 

Follow others and engage genuinely. If the celebs can follow back and comment, so can you. Lurkers are lame! 



Facebook is for friends and people we don't really remember from high school and maybe elementary school if their profile pic is cute. Yes, the algorithms change, but the thing that remains: Facebook is for friends. Position your content as helpful [educational/informative], funny & encouraging [inspirational]. And it doesn't hurt if you package all that up beautifully.


Facebook is also for ads. Forget those that complain about paying to play, because ads can grow your business and Paypal substantially. I have a biz bestie who has a $12 per month Facebook ad budget and doing big things with a little spare change. Research has shown time after time, that majority of Facebook users are online consumers. So many people opt-in to majority of their online profiles using Facebook, which provides even more information about their buying habits and lifestyle...things that you would never know on your own. In addition to marketing companies selling your information to Facebook for marketing experts to enjoy. Pinterest and Twitter ads can't compare to Facebook ads. 


Twitter is the place to share timeless content over and over. Remember show and tell? Twitter is the adult version of show and tell, only your teacher isn't making your class pay attention to you. When the quiet girl who never spoke up brought in the new baby alive, you paid attention. Unless she was your friend, you would pay attention to her anyway. Twitter is all about connections and sharing.

Find dope people and create lists so you can keep up with them and share their content. Just don't be spammy and stalkerish.


That will get you noticed, just not in the she’s super awesome let me tell all my biz besties about her kind of way.  

BEING spammy will get you....BLOCKED!


The best part of twitter is Kanye's rants. Everyone loves a good Kanye West twitter rant to take away the stress of the day. In between the randomness, he leaves a business gem, for us to reflect on.    



Instagram. I love Instagram. Beautiful pictures, inspiring views and quotes. The trick to Instagram for business is to share your behind the scenes, personal shenanigans, breakfast lunch and dinner. I kid, but have you seen the lady that eats grapes every day and nothing else?


Pique your audience’s interest and make a true emotional connection. If you’re only posting that you sent a one cares. Don't post the same things you post one your other platforms here and vice versa. Switch it up!

I actually wrote this post, months ago and my new favorite is snapchat. I’m using it in the same fashion as I would Instagram. Behind the scenes, personal shenanigans and random biz tips on the go. More shenanigans than anything else. 

Periscope. Pinterest. Meerkat.Google +. YouTube. LinkedIn. Am I missing a platform?

Content sharing tips: 

TA McMann recommends the 5-3-2 rule

  • Five posts should be content from others that’s relevant to your audience.
  • Three posts should be your own content, again relevant to your peeps, but isn’t a direct pitch.
  • Two should be non work related...things to humanize your brand. Hello funny viral videos on Facebook [increases reach too - I share them twice a week]

What’s the 411? Mary J tried to tell you…

mary-j-whats the-411.gif

The 4-1-1 on twitter is sharing 4 relevant pieces of content [not your own], and retweeting others for every 1 piece of self- promoting content.

Curating and finding content to share:

Content curation is when you share someone else’s content [note share & not steal]  that you receive value from. You are doing the hard work for your peeps. You are saving them time from having to find the information.

Curate like a boss:

Share your takeaway for an added gem.

Share a quote from the article.

Give credit where it’s due, tag the business the first time you share.

Save time curating:

Sign up for Pocket and get the Pocket Chrome Extension : on a website and see something you want to share with your peeps that you aren’t ready to schedule yet, save it to pocket. Get fancy and link your Evernote to Pocket, so the article will be sitting in Evernote waiting for you. Or you can you use the Evernote Web Clipper

Ready to share: 

Use Buffer or  Buffer Chrome Extension to either share the article immediately or schedule it out.

If you are signed up for Edgar [amazing tool to manage your social media with a FULL library of stored content] you can use the Edgar Extension.

Wordpress users can use Coschedule.

Stop searching multiple websites on the trending topics: Check out Buzzsumo they have a variety of topics covered from 24 hours up to 2 hours.

Or you could go old school and use Feedly [an RSS reader where you can have your favorite blogs go] and save it to pocket or evernote for later access.

Instagram Tools

Check your Instagram Stats with Iconosquare it will help you with the times that your followers are most engaged [to help guide you when to post], your most liked and engaged posts, and your most engaged followers. 

When you know the perfect times to post to your peeps, use latergramme to schedule the post. It will PUSH to your phone and then you will push the post through. Instagram wants to keep the platform mobile so most tools won’t post it through for you. Be clear of those that do, your account can be flagged to be deleted.

Instagram + Twitter Tools

Crowdfire manages your relationships on Twitter and Instagram - see who is following you and who unfollowed. Another Instagram and Twitter goodie is Hashtagify to determine which hashtags are popular and relevant.

IFTTT has a recipe to post your Instagram picture to twitter as a native picture [so no link & the actual picture populates].

Pinterest Tools

BoardBooster was created for bloggers to schedule their pins at optimal times.
Tailwind is another pin scheduler.