Set it up, move on, and get clients while you shop!

The number two reason why people never set up systems is because they don’t have time. The irony in that- systems provide more time.


The number one reason why people never set up systems is because they are cool with the chaos.

Today is a new day!

I don’t want you to get caught up in reason one or reason two. Deal? Deal!

Every week if you set aside 30 minutes to set up one system. By the end of the month you would have used two hours total to  free yourself an hour each week going forward. So 2 hours can provide you with 52 hours.

Do you really not have time for that type of return on time?

Streamlining your business can be stressful and boring, but so is grocery shopping. Some things we just have to do until we don’t have to do them anymore.


The day grocery delivery is available in my area - I am signing up! Part of automating and systemizing your business is first assessing the things you don’t like to do and don’t do that well. This way you stay in your lane of genius much more.

One thing most chic + savvy solopreneurs don’t like doing is constantly repeating herself:


Instead of answering the same questions over and over and OVER again in your email, create a thorough FAQ PDF and send it to your prospects in your welcome auto-responder. If the prospect doesn’t know how amazing you are yet and isn’t on your email list. Create a canned response in your email to send them the FAQ PDF. Do it once and you’re done. It may take you 15-30 minutes to create. However, that’s a one time investment of 15-30 minutes. Don’t want to create a FAQ PDF? Add a FAQ page to your website. Send the prospect your link.

Another thing is worrying about the money:



Use Freshbooks to get your financial system organized. Once your account is set up, Freshbooks will do the work for you.

Once a week you should set aside time to review the financial systems in your business. There are many aspects to this system. However, having a service to track and keep it organized is a great start.

Chic + Savvy Solopreneurs have big visions and respect their time. Hence, scheduling is a BIG system.



Emailing or messaging on social networks to schedule is a BIG waste of time. You know your schedule better than anyone. Enter into google calendar and sign up for Acuity Scheduling. Acuity links with google calendar and allows you to set your availability for your clients. You can also link your paypal account and have your clients to pay and schedule their sessions at the same time.

I’ll be doing a review of three schedulers next week, so stay tuned, if you haven’t found one that you adore yet.

Once you set these systems up, move on, and go do what you please. Maybe it’s shopping with your bestie mid day on Friday. Or taking a nap before your spa day because you want to be WELL rested before pampering. Or reading to at-risk youth before a lunch date. Whatever you decide, you can do it in peace without checking your email to see if you need to complete a biz process.

Are you ready to organize the chaos in your business? Let me help you automate your biz, maximize your time and profits!