Selling Is Easy, When It's Automated


We agreed the other day that no one likes to be sold to, your customers included. You noticed that when you're really consistent on the right things, your income is just as consistent. Which of course means you are going to have to sell to your customers.  

Selling is easy, when it's automated.

There's a lady out here who is perfect for your biz. Let's call her Ava. Ava could have problems figuring out her tax code. She watches your video on Youtube on how to figure that out and she's hungry for more of your brains.

She sees on your website that you have a freebie saying 'Top ten things entrepreneurs need to do for more tax breaks".

BOOM! Insta-fan (and subscriber).

But after she gets your freebie she doesn't hear from you in a while except when you send out your newest offering. By then the honeymoon love has faded and she unsubscribes/couldn't care less.

Fear not! You don't have to let that loving feeling go. Here's how you can create 1,000 raving Ava's who all have that loving feeling (without having to be there): Show Me The Money: From Reader to Buyer