Self Care


Naturally women are nurturers. We're always giving so much of ourselves to others. We're there for our loved ones when they need us. And if we're mothers then we truly put the needs of others before our own.

And we do this with grace and minimal complaints. 

What do you to take care of yourself? 

For some it's getting their hair done.

Others a fresh manicure and pedicure.

I count those as lady maintenance. 

Each week I reserve two hours for myself. Whatever I want to do, I do.

I know two hours seems so minuscule in the scheme of all the hours we have in a week. However, those two hours keep me sane and super focused. 

Some weeks I go and have a me day. I unplug from all social media and texts notifications and truly am present with what I'm doing. 

Being still & emerging the white space is therapeutic. 

Other weeks I may plan a day [2-3 hours] with one of my girls, my mama, or daughter and I enjoy their company. No distractions of the phone or social media, just them and me. 

I'm not thinking about work I have to do, or chores, or what I'm doing later. I truly enjoy the moment with who and where I am.

Then there's days where I just watch tv and laugh at my favorite show. 

Your self care hours could simply be going out and buying the house pretty flowers because you love how they smell and transcend into you having an amazing week. Pulling over at a park to enjoy the breeze and calling a good friend end laughing about good times or reading a new book or magazine. 

Do what makes you happy. Be still. [even if your still is running or even rock climbing for the adventurous]. Enjoy the moment. 

Take care of yourself. We only get one life and you better live every day as if it's your last!