Are you a planner or a planner decorator?

In the past few weeks I see EVERYONE on Facebook proclaiming they are planning for 2015. Oh I know you've seen the image:


Just wait until December, we will really start seeing 2015 will be my year images and memes. JUST WAIT!

The calendars are cute and planners are nice, but let's be real if you aren't doing anything but writing and decorating that pretty little planner, you will be in the same exact place that you are in right now.

3 Chic Tips to Systems Mastery

1. Get an accountability partner or have your business bestie review your first 90 days of 2015 with you.

2. Break those plans down. All the way down, so there's no confusion on how you're going to accomplish them. Paper and pen haven't failed me yet for mind mapping.

3.  Take action!