You're Not Using Your Newsletter Right...


The experts told you that you needed to blog. Check.

The experts told you that you needed a mailing list. Check.

The experts told you that you needed a newsletter. Check.

You're doing everything the experts told you to do, but you just don't see the power of the almighty email list.Your subscribers are not converting.

Email marketing is still Queen:

  • 91% of consumers check their email daily
  • 66% of US online consumers make purchases based upon email marketing

My guess is, you just aren't using your newsletter in the right way. You know the way that you entice and engage with your readers so that they fall deeply in love with you and your brilliance and want to buy up all of your services. It doesn't just happen for the big dogs or her, your business crush, you can do the same thing starting today.

Are you sending a whole week's worth of posts in one email?

Stop doing that! It's too much to read and your potential customer has no idea what you want her to do. Make the decision for her. This is called the Call to Action (CTA), give her one post that you know will rock her world per email.

Decide if you want her to read it all in the email, if not give an intro of the post and a CTA where to go.

Have a product/training/link you know that will benefit her and you want her to check out? Tell her with the CTA >>>GO HERE AND READ THIS >>>

Are the emails scannable?

Attention spans are short and most emails are opened on mobile and in passing, so ensure the copy is narrow. Bold the important takeaways.

Are you sending out your newsletter only when you have an offering?

*le sigh* This is an insta-recipe to being unsubscribed from. I always giggle when someone pops in my inbox and I forgot I was even subscribed to their newsletter. Make an effort to stick to a weekly to bi-weekly schedule for sending your newsletter.

Are you providing value?

Your readers don’t care that you’re busy. We’re all busy. You want to share things that people want to read and are interested in, not just want you want. It is your business, but it’s really not about you. Before hitting send, ask yourself “Is this going to provide value to her life?” If not, look how you can add value. Give her a reason to like and trust you. 

Are you crafting good subject lines?

Approximately one third of peeps open e-mail based on subject line alone. Subject lines under 10 characters have the best open rate. You do want your lady friends to open up the goodness that you are sending. Take time to craft these to be compelling. Subject lines that do well: jokes, asking questions, giving demands, teasers, saying the unexpected, lists and giving deadlines. Avoid spam words throughout the newsletter, but especially in the subject line.

Are you checking your newsletter stats?

I know I know, numbers are boring and can get overwhelming quick. However, you have to gauge how you’re doing, so you can know what to keep doing and what to stop doing. Numbers don’t lie. Check out your email marketing ROI here.

Ultimately you just want to run your business, and be amazing, I get it. Turning your readers into buyers is the mission. And it’s even easier when it’s streamlined.

Chic Tips to Mastery:

  1. After you edit your blog post, create two short compelling email subject lines.
  2. Use both with an A/B test.
  3. Copy and paste the post into your email marketing system.
  4. Ask yourself:
  • Is there one article or message for the reader to consume?
  • Is there a CTA?
  • Is the email narrow and easy to scan through?
  • Have I provided value this week/month or is this just solely pitching?
  • Would I read this?

   5. In a few days, check your stats. Check which subject line was most                         compelling. Do more of those.