Never Launch On Your Birthday

Never launch a product or service on your birthday. Click through to read. 

Launching is stressful and birthdays are wonderful. I celebrate born days like no one else in America. A party ain't a party until its ran all through. 


Case in point: I've been celebrating my birthday since October and my birthday is today. 


Evernote Mastery was supposed to launch this month. [No sob story or excuses to follow, but pay close attention, because I want you to get the gems out this post.] 

Tuesday November 23rd to be exact. Monday's aren't really good for much but Monday Night Football and even then I don't watch football. So launching on a Monday wouldn't work. People are just trying to get through their day and they don't care what you or I have to say.

Truth hurts but it is what it is.

Then Thanksgiving is just a few days away. Competing with national holidays can be tough for micro businesses. Especially with all the Black Friday Sales. Perfect time for a birthday and all the gift cards at your disposable. Pretty bad for a launch. 

So I re-evaluated my strategy and release date.

Your business is a pathway for you to live an amazing life...however you define. You should never spend your birthday launching...never! There's 364 other days where you can launch your brilliance into the world. Your birthday is your personal new year, a fresh start, and a time for you and everyone that loves you to celebrate you.

I knew early on not to launch on my birthday but what I didn't plan for is the actual launch being so close to my birthday and how it would impact celebrations. I know launches are stressful despite the glitz and glam most filter over theirs. A recent $24,000 launch made me want to take a nap for the rest of the quarter, but it was my Huni's birthday and time to celebrate. 


Birthdays are great for presents, discount codes, and not so discreet passwords. But not for launching.

Work life balance isn't a myth or a secret cult that you have to pledge into. Balance exists with systems and strategy, so you don't have to work 24-7 and be captive to your business. 

Let’s be real everyday won't be a vacation, nor will you only work four hours a week. The balance comes when you plan in days for those you love and the things that you love to do...beyond work. Give yourself permission to change important dates you have set for your business and [or] how you run your business. Rid yourself of any guilt surrounded around these changes. You're the boss! 

3 chic tips to mastery:

1. Never launch on your birthday!

2. Write out three reasons why what you're creating is needed in the world. [Why should she hit purchase? How will it truly benefit her?]

3. Set up a notebook in Evernote to track your launch- create a note for your goals, desires, and tools you will need to execute the launch effectively.