Networking No'No's

Networking No No's 

I'm all for networking! I am actually a networking ninja!

I love talking to people and getting to know their spin on things, hearing their stories, and whatever else they are willing to share.

Did you notice that none of that had anything to do with me? 

When you first meet someone you shouldn't have a "what can they do for me mentality." It should be the complete opposite. What value can I provide for them?!?

People love talking about themselves.

And not in a 'vain I'm super awesome and you suck' type of way. It's just human nature. If it's one thing we all know about, it's ourselves and our biz. 

Let me stop beating around the bush and get right to my point. 

Lately I've been experiencing networking no no's. 

1. If someone gives you their business card at an event. Do not think that this means that they want to be on your email marketing list. People are very particular about who they let in their email. Respect that. 

2. On Facebook, when you befriend someone in your field or just in business. Don't just add them to a group that you have. Asking them first, would be the polite thing. However, before even getting to the ask, interact with them first. 

3. Avoid asking someone something before asking google. I'm going to type this again. Avoid asking someone something before asking google. 

Now I know there's the saying that there's no dumb questions. 


Sometimes we can admire someone and want their recommendation, which is A okay. Just make sure you're doing your part. 50/50 remember. 

Put forth some initiative. Remember you are networking to build relationships with people. Not saying everyone will be you business bestie. However, relationships are a two way street and you don't want to start it out being draining. 

If you were to email me how much does the book Compound Effect cost on I probably wouldn't respond to the email. The time that it took to email me and wait for a response that isn't coming, easily could have been utilized entering those same keywords into google or straight on amazon. You would have the answer within seconds. 

I know that was a very simple example, but truly we ask questions from others that we have instant access to. Don't give someone the opportunity to be annoyed by you instantly without getting a chance to see how awesome you are.