What does Multi-Passionate even mean?!?


This is the age of new words and phrases. Selfie has made it to the dictionary. It shows the power of social media. Kinda empowering when you sit back and think about it. 

Enough about that. So you might know or notice I say multi-passionate a lot. I'm not sure what I used before. 

Multi passionate simply means, you are passionate about many things.

Isn't that all of us?!?

It's most people I know. Many people will tell you to focus on one thing. Don't listen to them! Unless one thing is your thang! 

My entire life I have loved several things. I'm oneof those people that seems to be ALL over the place but insanely passionate about ALL this stuff. 

Multi passionates often get stuck. Between dream killers & gate keepers questioning logic or plans. When you love more than one thing it's hard to get started. 

Good news: you don't have to solely pick one. But you do have to START.

My advice: just start. 

Don't worry how it looks. You can make changes. Yeah you're allowed to change your mind without the dreaded four words from the dream killers "I told you so." 

Change doesn't mean failure. It means change. & guess what some pretty amazing things come out of failure. Embrace change & failure...or get used to being average and mediocre.

Someone had to tell you. I'm no dream killer or gatekeeper. I'm you're number one dream chaser dressed in a cheer leader uniform with your name all over it, if you're serious about those passions. 

If not, then I'm just this crazy sexy cool biz coach that hangs out online. 

Three amazing things about multi-passionates: 

1. We're creative idea generators. Hence they call me the brainstorming bombshell

2. Our energies and passion are contagious. 

3. We are great thinkers. 

4. And just because of the rebel I am...the fourth is we are experts with many talents. AKA Polymath. If you don't feel you are an expert YET, you need to get started.