Who is on your money team?


We all have that one girlfriend that we can call on no matter what! Doesn't matter the time or topic. We don't have to even think about her judging us or telling another soul. She is our personal piece of heaven on earth. 

When it comes to our BIG dreams and goals, sometimes our girl just isn't who we need to talk to. She will want the best for us, but she's not holding us accountable for our stuff. You know really calling us out on our stuff when we don't complete the things that will take us to where we ultimately want to be. 

In order to succeed you need to place yourself amongst those you view as successful. 

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.
— Jim Rohn

I have distanced myself from people over the past few years for the following reasons: 

1.) I'm really busy trying to change the world. 

2.) I don't have time for gossip & negative energy. 

3.) I'm seeking genuine connections to aide in the projects I'm working on.

4.) Not everyone understands the hustle and sometimes I just don't feel like explaining WHY I work as hard for my dreams. 

When I first heard of the “Money Team,” I giggled. Floyd Money Mayweather is a boxer who has coined his support system as The Money Team. Each member is successful and hard working. We can’t deny their work or hustle. A little unorthodox and crazy, but successful and hard working never the less. 

When developing your money team you need someone that's objective and honest. They aren't going to agree with all ideas and practices just because they like you. You want honest feedback and suggestions. We all grow from criticism. 

Benefits of your money team: 

Your money team will be there for you to bounce ideas off of. 

This team will actively seek opportunities that benefit you. 

This team wants you to win just as bad as you want to breathe. 

You have to want it as bad as you want to breathe. 

There's no competition within this team. As the love and support is reciprocal. As they are helping and guiding you, you are doing the same for them. 

This team could be comprised of two or more people. You could meet weekly via phone, email, a Facebook group, or Skype. You all decide. Your team will be a mastermind group that is exclusive to sharing your dreams, goals, and desires. Perfect for go getters who may get sluggish from time to time. 

Weekly review what tasks each person needs to complete to get a step closer to their desired goal. 

Come up with systems that work for you, share them. Encourage them to do the same. 

Your team could be compromised of people doing similar things or different. The important factor is you are all actively pursuing your goals, dreams, and passions. 

This team will be your pick me up when you're feeling discouraged and feel like you're stuck and all the work or actions you're putting forth are in vain. They will be there to celebrate your mini and humongous successes. 

We all need support. Success is usually very lovely. It doesn't have to be that way for you, unless you want it. If you find some one that has impeccable drive that you admire shoot them an email or message asking if they are in a mastermind or have an accountability partner. Give them a few sentences on what you do and wait for their response. 

Boom! It's that simple. 

I was thinking...no I can't be your accountability partner...you know I would love to...but I truly cant. I am however thinking about having a free monthly call where we all can celebrate whatever. Call it a passion party. So once a month for an hour hop on a group conference line and chat it up about goals, dreams, and passions. Maybe even a little girl talk if we have time. Still playing around with the idea, but I'm always up for a good passion party. Let me know on Facebook, if you would attend.