Mo Money...Mo Problems


Everyone online wants to make six figures. It's the Solopreneur dream.


My goal is multi-millions but that's neither here nor there.


From January to now I've seen 6 figure promises everywhere.


What I haven't seen is what happens once you start making the money.

DUH, Kimber you spend it…(I know you were thinking it.)

How do you handle all the new business? How do you have time to spend this money? How do you serve each client as if they are the most important person in your life?

Please believe that when at minimum of $10,000 a month finds its way to your PayPal, you are working hard for it.

Truly an extra two clients a month can turn your world upside down if you aren’t ready for them.

You get the first paypal notification. Happy Dance!

Second paypal notification. Oh yeah, I’m in the money!

Third paypal notification. Okay. I got this!

Fourth paypal notification. W-H-A-T I-N T-H-E W-O-R-L-D

By the sixth paypal notification that day, you’re already on your third Kombucha sipping it as if it were wine. You need the energy to ensure each client is scheduled, receives the pre-service paperwork, and all the admin work that you need to complete in order to get the client processed. Let's not talk about all the other stuff you still have to do. 

The first few days of being in demand are ah-may-zing.

The second week: your days and nights are merged into one.

The third week: you’re scheduling showers in your phone so you won’t forget to get up from your computer.


The fourth week: you add a new alert- “queue dance for you by Beyonce,” because you are tired of your honey side eyeing you as he walks past your office as he heads to bed alone.

More money shouldn't mean more problems.

Potential problems that come with business growth are:

  • PayPal holding payments for an extensive length of undocumented time

  • Forgetting to complete important tasks for one of your many superstars

  • Being attached to your smartphone and computer 24-7

  • Not spending time with your family and friends

  • You're part of team #nosleep

  • Experiencing money blocks

  • New friends (trust me when I say this is a problem...hello Collabs)

  • Not having time to spend the money

  • Despite being able to afford an assistant, your chaos is to the point where an assistant cannot even begin to fathom how to do anything

  • Fraud complex comes and goes

I can go on for days with the issues that occur when your business grows. There's an easy fix- plan for the growth!

Steve Jobs created Macintosh (Apple) in a garage. That cute little phone that you scroll with would have never seen the light of day without real preparation and thinking forward.

Thinking small is more than just a money goal, begin to run your business today as if it were where you dream of it being. Walmart, McDonalds, Dell, and Apple started with one person wanting more than what they had at the moment they began. They created systems and processes to automate the things they hated doing. They hired on others who they were able to teach to recreate these same processes. However, you can’t teach what you are unaware of and afraid to address.

If you are afraid of systems and processes or the more so common “I just don’t have time” excuse, you are deciding that you are okay with not growing your business to its highest potential. Because it’s impossible to maintain more money without structure. Your business system cannot simply live in your head.

The ball is in court, are you ready to change your song to More Money, Less Problems? More money shouldn't mean more problems.