Manage ALL the things with Asana

Working for yourself can be a gift and a curse. There's no one telling you what to do and the deadlines are self-imposed.

You have all day to do what you want. ALL day can drastically vary from being very productive on Monday to watching YouTube and scrolling on ig after posting on Tuesday.

Oh it happens to the best of us. No need to feel shameful.

In order to manage ALL the things, you need Asana.


What is Asana you ask?

Asana is one of the most popular project management tools around.  Asana helps you to plan, organize + manage your biz + your life. It’s $free.99 for up to 15 team members and has options to upgrade. [aaaaand more than likely you won’t need to back to zero]

Typically in Asana, you create a project with lists and tasks and subtasks to dominate the world!  

Project's with lists and boards sounds like 234,897,676,898 other project managers. However, Asana is more than JUST an online to-do list.

Asana was created with teams in mind, so it makes collaborating with others a breeze. You can track progress on projects, have attachments all in one place [uploaded from Google Drive, Dropbox, or your computer].

Hate email? Then Asana is a dream, you can manage conversations regarding projects and just daily “hey girl hey’s” in Asana.


You can even reduce your email clutter by forwarding emails straight to Asana + create tasks.

Don’t have a team? It’s all good, you can use Asana with your biz bestie to brainstorm projects or use it to onboard clients.

Asana has the capability to link/sync to your calendar...there’s no reason to fall behind on your work when you assign due dates to your tasks. The founder says,

If it’s not in Asana, it’s not going to happen.

There’s an option to even follow up on tasks...just in case that brilliant mind of yours forgets.

Asana’s mobile app is perfect for the #girlboss on the go. It’s fully functional and has all of your projects and teams in one place. You can easily create tasks in between binging on Netflix on those not so productive days. Just as you can create tasks, you’re able to check them off as done.

Asana is how I manage my workflows, goals, and overall businesses.

 Want to learn more tips on Mastering Asana? I have a webinar on Monday February 20th...Join in on the fun!

Manage all the things in your business and life with Asana. | via BizBestie