What making a Pink Lemonade Stand taught me

Last weekend my dad, Huni, and my little boo created the lemonade stand. 


This was our inspiration:


I found the picture via Pinterest and I thought it would be difficult. I text my dad the picture and asked if we could make it. His response, "anything for baby girl!" Gotta love my daddy. 

So I told Huni who is not handy at all, that he was going to have to help. He replied okay, not knowing what help actually meant. 

Saturday comes and I start getting nervous. Can we actually carry it out?

I show daddy the picture again and he starts figuring our the measurements of the boards we'll need. We head to the hardware store and get the materials. At the register daddy offers to pay for everything. He said "consider it a donation." I was ecstatic and put my wallet down. 


It's real in these non-profit organization streets. 

Those bugs were eating my skin!!

Those bugs were eating my skin!!

A few hours and 235,578 mosquito bites later it was done. 


It looks so much better than the inspiration. 

I couldn't believe I had so much doubt before we started. 

The three things I took away from the experience: 

1. Don't let self-doubt keep you from going forward.

I initially doubted we could pull it off and ours turned out even better. Inspiration can easily turn into comparison; so be careful! 

2. Collobarate! Collaborate! Collaborate!

A lot of times it's easier to just do things yourself and not have to deal with other people's excuses and drama.  However, I knew I could not pull this off without daddy. I didn't have the tools, skill, or eye to complete it. Always keep people around that are smarter than you. Plus I solicited Huni's help because I knew he's stronger than I am, and would be able to complete the delegated tasks that daddy would give him. 

3. Stay true to your visions. 

Last summer I was inspired to have the lemonade stand and I knew exactly how I wanted everything to be. Giving up on the lemonade stand would have been settling.