Ignore the noise


People are full of a lot of things. One thing in particular is advice. We all love to tell someone what we think and how they should do things. Often times this advice is unsolicited. Then there are times when we ask for the advice.

Be Careful what you ask for.

Agendas. We all have one. Sometimes advice get tangled in someone's agenda.

And this isn't in the paranoid sense that someone is out to get you.

However, their agenda frames their thought processes. So in times things that they say to you truly don't apply to you because their frame of reference is coming from where they are & have been.

Ignore the noise.

Once you get clear. And I mean super clear of your values...don't deviate from them.

Your values will help define your goals, passions, and purpose.

If something or someone doesn't align then...ignore the noise.

If you are following social media accounts that aren't positive...delete them. Even if it's someone in your family...DELETE them.

If that makes you uncomfortable since social media is so important to many, hide (facebook) mute (twitter) them. I'll block someone, family or not so QUICK!

My peace and purpose are far more important than a simple "we follow each other." And it doesn't mean I don't love or like the individual. It just means we aren't aligned and I don't want their "stuff" in my subconscious.

Everyone does not deserve to be a part of your subconscious.

If you’re on email lists that aren't helping you to get where you need to be, unsubscribe.

Living intentional takes some work until it becomes automatic.

Learn to discern what's for you and block the rest.

Ignore the noise.

Noise is essentially anything that distracts you from completing what's necessary.

Some coaches will tell you to stop watching television. Television is not the devil. [SN: scandal comes back tomorrow. Let's all have a silent scream fest!!!]

Okay, back to business. Watching tv, reading books, and listening to podcasts or webinars are all okay. Now when these mediums distract you from completing what you need to do...they become noise!

Ignore the noise!

Comparison + Research

Remember in school when the teacher said to keep your eyes on your own paper. You know the saying "stay in your own lane."

This right here will eliminate all sorts of noise and self doubt. Comparing yourself to others takes time away from what you could be improving on. Researching others offerings and services and processes takes away time from you researching what you need to do. Carbon copies are so 1990. You're too fly for that.

Live. Love. Action

1. Unplug from social media from time to time + unfollow + block when necessary.

2. Brain dump weekly at minimum.

3. Smile & nod @ unsolicited and solicited advice and do what feels best to you.

4. Unsub from mailing lists you never read and (or) aren't providing you value.

5. Stay in your lane

6. Call someone you love & ask them what was the funniest thing that they have experienced today.