I made a mistake

On my way back in town this past Sunday, I was editing my podcast in the car because I knew my schedule was thrown off, and it wouldn’t have been done. I haven’t outsourced my editing to my assistant, because I like to keep my personality and quirks part of the episode. So I edited the podcast in a car full of disgruntled traveling children. Note to self: just don’t!

When I recorded the podcast Skype cut out for a few moments while I was telling Chivon my story. When it reconnected I told her I would edit that part out. So when editing in the car full of distractions that was the one part I did not edit.


So as I listened to the uploaded episode this morning driving my babes to school and I heard myself say, “no worries I’ll edit this part out.” I felt like such a loser. How could I listen and MISS the one part that needed to be edited out. Immediately the perfectionist in me couldn’t get home fast enough. I wanted to delete the current episode, edit the portion out, and re-upload like it never happened.

Then I thought, “girl, you do not have time for ANY of that in your schedule today.” I was thinking how I could move things around to get it done, but it wasn’t plausible. Sometimes I have to have pep talks with myself.

So today’s pep talk went something like this:

Mistakes happen. You aren’t perfect. Get over it. No one cares. Really, no one cares. So what.

After my pep talk, I was fine. I went on with my day. I promoted the episode, because it’s a great conversation. Even the bit I had planned to edit.

3 Chic Tips to Mastery if you ever make a mistake:

1.       Own it! Acknowledge that you made an error.

2.       Apologize if necessary.

3.       Move on! Try not to make the same mistake and keep moving!

Even with systems, you will make mistakes, and thats okay. Don’t let them hold you back. Download the episode on Self-care for solopreneurs. Being kind to yourself is definitely a self-care tactic.