People Hate Being Sold To- Do This Instead!


When you're in the mall and the creepy dude from the kiosk jumps up and asks to feel your hands you immediately start walking closer to the perimeter of the store across from the kiosk and smile. All the while he's telling you how amazing his hand salt is.

His hand salt, hair extensions, phone case, insert anything else that might be sold in a mall kiosk might be the one thing you really need. His methodology and process just isn’t ideal. When this is mastered he can sell product after product.

Online marketing which ALL online Solopreneurs do- even those that suck at marketing and just don't get why you need to do it- still do some type of marketing. It might not be that amazing, hence the PayPal balance.

You need to have a true and tested process with your sales funnel from beginning to end. Spoiler Alert: your PayPal account is not the end.

Let's be real, people don't pay for inspiration.

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Inspiration may get someone to sign up for your mailing list, but the inspired usually unsubscribe when they see a series of sales emails. That isn’t what they signed up for, and we all know people hate being sold to.

If inspiration is your sole sales funnel it's going to take prospects a lot longer to get to their desired outcome, if ever. People pay to reach their desired outcome.  


Point A - some internal/external hell/chaos a prospect is experiencing

Beginning annoyance with said hell/chaos - the prospect is introduced  to your brand and thinks you can assist in diminishing the chaos.

Mid breaking point with said hell/chaos- the prospect has a bit of awareness and engagement with your brand and believes that you can assist to diminish the chaos.

Point B is the holy grail. Point B is wedding day for little girls that have been dreaming of being a Disney princess all their lives and they have been planning this wedding since they were four. Point B is pretty iconic.

You are hired between breaking point and point B. The prospect becomes a client and they are expecting results (point B). Now it's times for you to do your thang!

Your thang/gift/expertise is your brilliance and it’s transformational. It can be inspirational, but in order to truly help and to keep your clients happy, there must be a transformation.

Look at your current sales funnel:

How are you getting your prospects from point A to point B?  

What tools are you using?

What strategies are effective?

How long is your sales funnel?

What are the requirements for your new clients to advance in tiers to work with you?