Hacks on hacks on hacks


The first step to automation is finding out how to maximize the use of your time and the tools that you're using.

Second would be to figure out which tools you love.

Almost every tool has a blog. (Snooze fest..right?!?) some are better than others. The blogs are full of hacks and the best ways to use the tool and other tools that work well with it. Reading the comments are icing on the cake. Typing this, makes it sound really lame and uninteresting and it just may be. However, a 5 minute scan has the potential to change your life.

4 Faves of mine:

Dropbox blog

Evernote Blog

Buffer Blog

Zapier Blog

Quick tip: Follow the tool on twitter and look at the most favorited and (or) retweeted tweets, because usually those are of importance to all. Asana & Slack both use hashtags for tips #asanatips #slacktips

Action Jackson moment:

1. Put an event in your schedule once a week to peruse one blogs a week for four weeks, then ACTUALLY do it.

Top tools I use monthly:

  • Asana
  • Evernote
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Slack
  • Power Editor (Facebook ads)
  • Hootsuite & Edgar (if they had a baby I would adopt it and name her Elle...the two combined are awesome)
  • Google Chrome (Extensions are your BFF)

Tools I passively use*:

  • Zapier
  • Typeform
  • Bit.ly

*Passively as in the automation is already set and I don’t even log in or think twice about the tool.

Over the years I've learned hacks on hacks on hacks. These same tips and tricks have automated my businesses and the likes of my favorite lady friends.

Tools are not the reason why you aren't automated.

You probably waste a lot of time in business. Time wasted on things that don't matter, networking (aka social media time suck) with the wrong people, thinking more than doing and just wasting time just doing what you want. Research shows that people waste 60% of their own time, which only leaves 40% to be at maximum productivity. However, the 40% isn’t maximized because most don’t realize that the previous 60% was even wasted.

Be very conscious about concentrating on money generating activities. When you start your day, your three must do things need to be money generating activities. Once completed, move to the supporting activities.

You define what your money generating activities are. Make a list of how you make money and the things you do to support it, then create a hierarchy of what’s most important.

Does this mean all you need to think about is money? Not at all. My thoughts are usually how can I eat cupcakes all day and maintain a healthy tummy to hip ratio. #justbeinghonest

Just be clear on what’s money generating and do those things. Take action then assess.

What are your results from the first week or month of focusing on the money generating tasks?

Your competition isn't doing this, trust me, I've seen her in action.

Truly so many do the same thing over and over and get the same results and wonder why? Hmmm...that is the definition of insanity.

Research and testing can be bleh! There’s a reason companies are paying billions of dollars on research and development...it works!

So start today with a baseline (starting point) and pay attention so you can track what’s really working and what isn’t.

Recap of what you can start doing immediately:

1.Assess your schedule to maximize your time available.

2. Determine the tools you adore.

3. Stalk the tool’s blog and twitter for hacks to improve usage of the tool.

4. Create a list of your money generating activities.

5. Create a hierarchy of your money generating activities.

6. Take action then assess [a basic excel spreadsheet or notebook will do].