Google Drive


No secret Google and I are pretty close. Hey G! We're besties.

Google Drive is one of my favorite tools.

I didn't start using google drive effectively until this summer. Previously I was just saving pictures randomly and things I bought from Fiverr.

Google Drive from now on will be referred to as “GD” because well it's shorter and this whole post is about Google drive.

Okay, glad we're clear on that.

GD gives you 15GB of storage which doesn’t include the documents, spreadsheets, forms and presentations that you create within GD. Can you say, “SCORE!”

I create folders in GD for everything.

Okay folders...who cares? We do!! Organization is the key to streamlining.     


I write all blog posts, site copy, love letters, EVERYTHING in GD. I have a list of hashtags that I use regularly on Instagram. Life saver!!! Especially if you have the GD app on your phone and you’re out and about getting your instagram on.

Now see I used to do these things in Evernote BUT Evernote and Macbook must have a dysfunctional relationship because the Evernote app wouldn't open for weeks and even going to Evernote’s website wouldn't open, but when on a windows computer it would work. All that drama was too much for me. I was tweeting them every other night. I don’t even tweet that often, so they probably flagged me as spam.

GD has a wonderful feature “revision history” that keeps track of the revisions when you make changes to documents created and edited in GD Documents.

GD allows you to share folders and documents with others. Genius! So if you have a collaboration no need to send things back and forth or upload to another program. You can control the settings so if you want to give the other party access to edit or just read. Both of you can edit at the same time also. You can share folders and documents/spreadsheets/forms/etc.


I love spreadsheets! They help me to stay organized. My editorial calendar process begins in a GD spreadsheet. [I’ll share my editorial process one day, just know it’s truly a process, but it ROCKS] My biz and personal budget are spreadsheets in google drive. Social media & promo tracker are also GD spreadsheets. Same sharing capabilities.


You can create surveys and such to query your clients. I created a calendar for my mentoring girls based on a calendar another user created.

If someone emails me an attachment  I can save it right from gmail to guess where... GD. I can even be in gmail and access GD to send an attachment.

Google Drive has an extension within the Chrome Browser called Save to Google Drive which is an excellent way to save images, links, and documents from websites.

Google Drive can be used offline.

Google Drive Folder can be added on your computer similar to Dropbox feature.

Here is an awesome reference that I bookmarked with 100 Google Drive hacks.

Are you using Google Drive? Let me know how you’re using it.

Live. Love. Action

  1. Be adventurous and try something new this week.

  2. Create something awesome in Google Drive to share with the world.

  3. Organize your folders in Google Drive if they aren’t already.