Working Full-Time, Starting a Business and Partying with friends? Here's the only way to make it work


You've been bit by the entrepreneur bug. There's only one thing that's in your way...that 9-5 that pays primarily all your bills right now. 


You know your purpose and are ready to fully step out on faith. Those bills are still relying on that good ole corporate check. No worries. I know exactly what you need.


What are systems? Systems are a sexy word to describe business structure and processes. See how systems sounds much sexier? 

Most of your day and time is accounted for with your corporate gig. The night hours, lunch breaks, and the weekend are all you have to make this dream work. A scheduling system is what you need first. 

So let's map out a realistic schedule: 

Monday - Thursday

Dedicate 8 PM - 11 PM to your business. 

That means 5 PM-7:59 PM is yours.

Network, enjoy your family, workout, eat clean or take a nap [although naps after 4 pm aren't good for productivity]. 

I highly recommend having working lunches. So instead of spilling the latest tea with your friends at work, do these instead: catch up on your business emails, find new connections on twitter, listen to podcasts, draft a blog post, or read a book that will push you ahead. 

Friday's are a free card. Make the most of it however you choose. A few suggestions: go to networking happy hours [don't drink...sip on your dream and soda], hang out with your friends and family that adore you, go do things that make your scream with excitement or party like its 1999. 


If nothing is happening on Friday switch the time with Saturday or Sunday. 

Saturday & Sunday

Dedicate 8 hours to your business. It doesn't have to be 8 full hours. Chunk your time if you like. Chunking is far more effective for productivity and creativity. 

Chunking is merely setting aside a small "chunk" of time and using ALL that time to one task. 

You can use a pomodoro app like Marinara Timer to schedule the time you want to chunk. Sometimes I'll do 15 minutes on 5 minutes off or 30 minutes on 15 minutes off.

The standard Pomodoro method is a 25 minute period of time with a break afterwards. Each break is 5 minutes long, with a 15 minute break after the completion of the fourth Pomodoro. 

I love that the Marinara Timer gives you the option on how you chunk your time. After all you are the boss! 

Every week you will need to compare your social schedule and your business schedule.  This way you are able to enjoy your friends and family like the social butterfly you are, and also create amazing offers, products, and services for the world to enjoy.

Google Calendar is perfect and syncs with event invites on Facebook. Sunrise is a great app that ties to Google calendar, your smart phone, Facebook, Eventbrite, and majority of the productivity apps. SCORE!

Creating a business, working full-time and enjoying your social life is possible. You don't have to choose. 

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