Question: Can't anyone do systems stuff?

We all have that one friend (or we’re that friend) that was in a crappy relationship and just didn’t see the crap for what it was.


Sometimes we are so close to something that we just can’t see or smell it for what it is. B.S.

In business it’s the same principal. You know your business inside and out.

You are the expert.

Go on with your bad self. You expert You.


That expertise can limit us when we don’t fully own our truths. You know...acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses. 

I’m a creative that is multi-passionate whose mind processes things **wait for it** systematically.

Most creatives are not systems oriented. The word on the street is that systems are not sexy and that they are scary. I say that’s BS, but again I am a little too close to systems, so I’ll take their word that systems are scary for the average solopreneur.

That’s the thing I love about you though, you aren’t the average. You are chic and savvy. You’re ambitious. You have money to make and a world to change.

And you can’t do that by being scared.

Systems came into my life because I had so many creative ventures going on and they weren’t working together. Let me be clearer, they were working, but I was burnt out and overwhelmed which decreased my desire to continue.  I didn’t want to quit one and choose another because I knew there was a way to make my businesses work together and still maintain the life that I had created. Systems were how I pieced everything together. I didn’t even know what systems were when I started piecing them together.

I sat down and took my businesses out of my mind and wrote every aspect down. That alone was 40 pounds lifted off my shoulders. I organized what I did and what my team members did. Once, I completed this, I no longer needed to talk someone through a process because the processes were there for others to see. Booyah! 


Once I got my businesses straight, I started teaching others how to automate their business. Person after person it was clearer and clearer that systems just aren’t something you can google.

Don't believe me?

Go ahead and google away. The hours you lose in trying to figure out what you need specifically for your business isn’t even worth the time of trying to gain time in your business. There's so much information and none of it is customized to your business. 

If you took one hour each week to look at your business as an entity and not an extension of yourself, then break the processes down that your business needs. You would save yourself an enormous amount of time, energy, and money in the weeks to come.

So to answer the question: Can't anyone do systems stuff?

Answer: No you need my brain. 

How about that for owning my expertise. Sounds pretty cocky, but its the truth, and we don't lie to our lady friends. I’ve mastered organizing chaos, it’s just how my brain works. If you want to waste time and money because time is money, let me know how that goes.

I've been there and done that and  was too tired to even buy the t-shirt. 

However, If you want to save the time of not knowing where to even get started, let my brain do the work for you and get your biz automated. After all, I am the one girl you want all up in your business. 

Click here to have my brain automate your biz.