Break the Internets...I double dare you + a worksheet


A few weeks ago I deleted 100 people off of facebook. I unfollowed every group that I'm in and left a few that I don't participate in. I deleted my biz facebook page with over 4k people. And guess what happened?

I broke the Internet.


Facebook's algorithm didn't know what to do with all of that info at once, so it shut me down.

I would only see 4 posts from the same 4 people. That really deters the urge to log in. So I didn't. When I would post, no one would like it. Okay yeah maybe it wasn't entertaining or maybe no one cared.

But I knew that wasn't the case. You know we all that one person that you can count on to like your posts so don't drift into self imposed loser ville. Mine is my sister-and she lives on facebook. So when she didn’t like the posts, I KNEW something was up.

So I wrote this post:


Do you see how many people liked it?

I didn't say anything revolutionary, funny, comforting, or inspirational. Yet facebook took me out of timeout.

Sometimes, you have to break the internet. Make your own waves.


Whenever you notice things aren’t going the way you want them, make a ripple of change, and switch things up.

If you have a social media system that isn’t working for you, play around with it until you see traction.

For instance on Instagram I use hashtags like it’s no one’s business. At one point my instagram numbers were increasing rapidly but with spammers. Likes mean absolutely nothing to me.


Seriously, try going to Chipotle and attempt to pay with a few likes.

So I revised my hashtag system. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags at one time. I later figured out you can use a different set of hashtags up to three times. So that’s 90 hashtags that I’m able to use to get reach on a picture. Each week, I get a minimum of 10 people who sign up to my email newsletter from Instagram. Annually that’s 520 people added to my brand just by a simple system. I have an evernote folder with 3 sets of hashtags, a leadpage and domain set up specifically for Instagram peeps to sign up. Did I mention this is one picture per week? When I increase my Instagram tactics, it increases.

Systems should always be evaluated as they are here for your greater good. Quarterly evaluate what’s working and not working for you. That’s right, so next week, I challenge you to review what’s working and not working in your business.

Ready to break the internet and crush your goals? Start tracking your efforts with this worksheet