Business tips learned from getting a Brazilian

Warning: this post may offend those sensitive to conversations about girl parts and those without girl parts. No girl parts were harmed in the creation of this post.

Had to make that disclosure just in case someone wants to tell me they are offended. 🙄

By nature people seek referrals and recommendations for almost everything. I live in a big military town (multiple Naval bases, the Air Force and the Army) and my wax lady (esthetician) moved away. She was referred to me by my cousin, who was referred to her by her college roommate. We'll end this referral cycle here. My wax lady was good. I didn't know great yet, so I couldn't complain. I had experienced bad and she was far from bad. For 9 years, each summer, I was loyal and had a standing appointment. Winter time my loyalty faded with the warm weather.

So last summer I was left without my wax lady. I didn't even realize she had moved, because of my faded loyalty. My cousin had moved away + her college roommate [4 local Universities- yes college + military town - people come and go often] so I couldn't ask them either. My friends either shaved like it was 1999 or were inhaling Nair in the comfort of their own bathrooms.  🙄


As uncomfortable as you are reading this post, yet wondering what my girl parts have to do with business, but are still reading because you really want to know...that's how I was with trying to find one friend that could refer me. One friend told me to just go on Groupon. No ma’am, I was not entrusting my girl parts to whoever had a sale on Groupon.

What type of lady did she think I was?


My good girlfriend referred me to her wax lady. She even invited me to her next appointment.  yeah I passed on that

Went online and scheduled my appointment. Time for my appointment came and I was blown away. New wax lady was nice and very gentle. She even told me about a Groupon [go figure] that she had now so I could save money and every appointment afterwards I would receive a special rate. We talked about skin care and how to treat the area in between waxes.

This was ALL new to me and I had been getting waxed forever.

Fast forward a few months. My lady had been preparing me for when she was going out on maternity leave. She told me that the other lady that works in her spa would be available while she's gone. She told me that she trained her and taught her EVERYTHING that she knows.

Time came for me to schedule with the new lady and I was skeptical but figured I was in good hands. She was nice and funny. I love a good joke.

So she tells me that K (my wax lady) trained her.

I forgot that there was pain involved in waxing. New lady was "quick + efficient" but gentle is NOT a word I would use to describe her technique. There was even one point where she had attached the wax paper to a piece of jewelry and I almost died.


She apologized profusely but the damage was already done. Despite my lady teaching her the technique, she hasn’t mastered the art, as my lady has.

You can't simply copy and paste someone else's strategy to your business.

Even with the same type of business and similar audiences. It will not work out for you the same exact way.

My assistants know my businesses in and out. They know the secrets + the strategies, but they don't possess the same mastery that I have. You can learn techniques and strategy, but you have to desire mastery and seek it on your own.

This is why when I see someone copying my efforts or even a friendly competitor, I don't get in my feelings. There's no way that they can match this hustle that I have. They could never serve my clients in the same way that I do.

I'm 100% sure you are not the only person who does what you do. That means your consumers have options, more than they probably even know.

You have to MASTER one aspect of your business. Yup, just one. A baker needs to MASTER the tastes of her delicacies. Each cake should be moist and delicious. No burnt edges along the cupcakes.

Her decorating style could be decent, but her baking techniques need to be MASTERED.

In time she can master decor. Hell she can even hire an art student to work on the decor or take a class at a local AC Moore or Michaels for cake decorating. But that baking skill must be mastered to ensure her success.

We all see pretty cakes and cupcakes, but the moment you bite into an unforgettable cupcake, you will tell everyone you know. Anytime someone is looking for a cake or cupcakes, you will refer them to the MASTER baker.

Your business should be set up for your current clients + consumers to readily refer you to others. If anyone they know needs anything remotely similar to what you sell and offer...You should be the one they refer to.

What does your referral system look like? [Please tell me you have one]

What's the one thing you want to be known and referred for?

Most business owners don't take the time to MASTER their craft. They just get good enough in their field. Times are gone where you can survive off just being good enough or average.

Chic Biz Tips:

  1. Invest in your business with time + development weekly.
    1. Work ON your business and organize the boring back end needs.
    2. Schedule time in to learn as much as you can about your craft + running a biz.
  2. Enjoy life. Step away from your phone, tablet, and computer. Come back refreshed with a new perspective.
  3. Shake up your industry by being so far from the status quo that you too have people coming to get Brazilians who usually rough it out during the winter.

Don't be the stand-in replacement that knows just enough but was only picked because the superstar was either booked or unavailable.