The Bold + Beautiful Business Planning

 The new 2018 Erin Condren Life Planner is bold + beautiful. Your business planning should be bold + beautiful also. It’s no secret that I am an Erin Condren gal. Didn’t know? Well the cat is definitely out of the bag. My name is Kimber and I am a planner addict. *sigh*

One day some goddess introduced me to Erin Condren...thank you who ever you may be. I do know you offered me $10 off my first purchase and for that I say thank you. No worries, I have that same code for your first purchase...just click here and create an account. Check your email that you used then boom...$10 savings. 

Last year was the first year I used an 18 month calendar. You know a calendar that begins in July and lasts until the following December. Just didn’t see the need, but I have since seen the light. 

I received the new Erin Condren 18 month Life Planner with a ‘Painted Petals’ cover and rose gold coil. The colors are bold + vibrant + beautiful. [There's a video showcasing the colors at the end of this post]

The watercolors are so rich, that it feels as if it’s a true piece of artwork. No exaggeration. Aaaand I’m not even artsy. The paper used this year is thick. Thicker than a snickers. 

Girl, I’m all for quality paper. It feels like a smooth card stock, but it turns easily on the coils.

2017/2018 note is on left + 2016/2017 on right

2017/2018 note is on left + 2016/2017 on right

The page before the month begins has been updated and I absolutely love this change. There are four circles. Use these circles to pinpoint your goals for the upcoming month. Whether it be money goals, weight goals, health goals, or home goals. Set your goals, so that you can slay your year.

Underneath these circles or our newly appointed “goal area,” you can map out how you will reach these goals in this coming month. Then there is a long rectangular shape, where you can write out affirmations or personal quotes for the upcoming month. Being a woman + an adult is hard sometimes, and you should always motivate + inspire yourself.

And as always the beginning of every month the Life Planner has quotes to help you get into action. The quote page takes on the deep watercolors and color theme for that month.

The layout that I have is vertical with the three boxes per day.

Vertical layout design

2017 Erin Condren Life Planner Vertical.jpg

This layout is perfect for scheduling a combination of things. I have seen people dedicate the boxes to:

  • home, work, and personal things
  • morning, afternoon, night
  • work, home, dinner/workout
  • To do list, appointments, gratitude statement/word

The opportunities for the use is endless. We have so many things to track of. I currently use a vertical Life Planner for social media planning.

First box: What I plan on posting that day

Second box: Any social to do’s [commenting on other posts, contacting someone I found on social, checking out a new social tool, etc.]

Third box: Anything cool I saw and want to remember to check out another day.

2017 Erin Condren Life Planner Vertical Box.jpg

Underneath the daily boxes are four short lines. I’ve seen these used for:

  • meals that are eaten throughout the day
  • workouts
  • gratitude
  • daily summaries/memory keeping

I write down my money goal on the top line, the money earned from the day before on the second line, and on the third line I’ll write down the actual earned for the day. Tracking your profits is super important.

The box in the right corner on the left page, I use to write my social stats for the week. You can use this box to notate:

  • a theme for the week
  • gratitude
  • A quote you found or love
  • The most important task/appointment that you have this week

Underneath the box are lines. Typically this is where weekly to do’s are placed before I delegate what day, they will get done. For instance: whom to email, call, DM [since I use this for social], appointments to schedule.

Other details:

Cute vellum overlay when you open the Lifeplanner

The inside covers are dry erase boards. Braindump and then wipe it away

.Notes section in the back of the planner has four lined pages, four dot grid pages, and four coloring pages.

The second lined page is extra thick as it has the tab ‘Notes.’ Due to the thickness on this page, you could use a marker with I’m sure minimal if not no shadowing from the marker. The other pages have hardly any shadowing using gel pens

There’s a planner page for the WHOLE year of 2019 with four lines underneath each month for pre-planning your greatness.

Stickers are included as every year, but these new stickers are gorgeous. Very pretty and shiny. They aren’t too glam that you feel like you won’t want to use them and will hoard them. [Yes, beautiful + smart + successful women hoard stickers. And I may or may not be one of them]


You will want to plan with these to help you stay focused on your goals, dreams, and action plan toward the best life...and even the daunting task of cleaning the bathrooms each week.

The keep it together folder is in the back holding the matching Perpetual Calendar. The Perpetual Calendar is like a bonus mini calendar you can use year after year. You can use it to:

Remember birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations that always occur on the same date every year.

A mini launch calendar to map out what you have going on each month as a mini reference.

To manage your budget based on bills that you have each month that come on the same day.

The accessories this year are so cute with the ongoing Painted Petals theme. I originally thought they were colorful raindrops.

New 2017 Erin Condren Accessories.jpg

I guess I’m still mourning the death of Prince. *hums Purple Reign*


Two weeks ago my friend told me she got a running fanny pack and I laughed loudly out loud. Then Erin Condren comes out with this planny pack.

Attach it over your planner and it serves as a closure band to keep your secrets safe and papers in tact. Fill the pouch with your fave pens and planner accessories. There's a slot that you can slide in your phone also. Perfect for on the go meetings. 


The new long sticky notepad is perfect for adding on to to do lists. It is long enough that it covers the note side in the monthly view as well as the boxes in the vertical planners and hourly planners. The sticky is sticky for half of the paper, so you can still write underneath what you stick it on. 

First thought, if you have an appointment on a certain day and don't want to forget things you want to ask or mention, use this as a brilliant reminder. 

2018 ERin condren sticky notes.jpg

 The insertable sticky note dashboard have remained my fave. I write quick notes to myself and ideas. Usually it's incredibly easy to forget a million dollar idea...not with these babies.