Biz Bestie


Do you have a business bestie?!?

A biz bestie is your business' best friend. A friend that's also in business. Maybe you two are in the same field or maybe not. That's not required. Whatever works for the two of you.

You have each other's backs.

You share resources.

Listen and encourage each other often.

This person is  your sense of reason, the one you bounce ideas off of, your business’ ride or die.

She has you and your biz’ best interest in mind. She wants to see you win just as bad as she wants to win.

Being a solopreneur is not as sexy as most of us portray.

She knows some of the hardships that you may be going through and if she doesn't know exactly because you may be in different industries, she can definitely empathize because she knows business.

You may already have a biz bestie amongst your friends.

My biz bestie is actually my bestie. We aren't much of accountability partners. That just means we need accountable partners. She actually has one that turned in to her biz bestie.

If you don't know have a biz bestie yet, you must be thinking this sounds like a GOD send. And baby, she is! Wait until you find yours.

Just as with your ordinary bestie, you want the relationship to grow naturally.

If you're in need of a biz bestie: go to local networking events and become a networking ninja!

Make genuine connections with people. Are you gravitating to a certain person and not for the purpose of what can they do for me? Operate from the space of: this lady is awesome, I'd like to know more about her.

Network online.

Join Facebook groups of like minded people. Is there someone you resonate with?

Befriend them on Facebook, check their stuff out. Talk to them. Cultivate a relationship through simple communication.

Hell, just ask!

I'm quick to say, hey! I love what you're doing, let's connect! Do I turn them into biz besties no, but if another were to materialize, I would be okay with it.

I always make note of people who I think are pretty awesome.

Then I note are they really awesome or is it an act?

If there were a market for finding frauds I would be top on that list on who to call and find out about someone.

If I still want to get to know the person then I do. Developing relationships will always be one of the best things for your business. And not just for the customers you want to attract.

If you're the smartest person in the room, you're definitely in the wrong room.

Live. Love. Action

1. Join a biz Facebook group today. If you're already in one add someone to your personal Facebook, you know the person that you talk to already and want to build on that relationship.

2. Be a good friend to them. No strings attached. See something that would interest them: maybe an article related to their biz or something they posted about. Send it to them.

3. Smile. You're beautiful! The world needs more people like you.