Biz Report Cards are did you do?


Welcome to Quarter 3 (Q3). 

Q3 shows you how well you've done in the last 6 months. Depending on circumstances that could be amazing or a little disappointing.

The beauty of have 6 more months to put a big dent in your goals.

Are your goals written on paper? Join the 3% elite.

Systems can increase your profits.

Systems can increase your free time.

Systems can get you more clients.

Systems can get you more referrals.

Systems can get you more naps.


Are any of those your goals?!?



Don't leave me hanging on the naps. I swear they are a sweet delicacy mid day.

Next week I'm facilitating a FREE systems academy: Chic Biz Academy. And I don't mean one or two worksheets and videos. A full blown academy. As full blown as three modules (client management + customer experience, financial systems, and a surprise module) can be.

Keep your eye out.



Just like in school, businesses have report cards. When each quarter ends, you are left with a business report card. How well did you?

How were sales in Q1? How were sales in Q2?

How was profit in Q1? How was profit in Q2?              

How profitable was each product or service that you offered?  Break this down by service.*Hint evaluate what to reshape and what to get rid of*

How is your aged accounts receivable? Process of determining which customers are paying on time, which are not, and how far they are behind the payment date.

What changes are you going to make?

The best way to make changes that actually push you towards your business goals is to develop a strategy.

3 Chic Strategies for Mastery:

  1. Refine your autoresponder.

  2. Evaluate your sales funnel.

  3. Evaluate & refine your marketing systems.

Bonus 3.1 Social Media: Social Media is big for most online solopreneurs. Let’s look at this real quick. Likes do not equal success.

Let’s repeat together, likes don’t mean a dang on thang!

Break down your strategies down per platform. Each platform is to be treated with love and care or you will not gain traction. Ads (facebook, twitter, pinterest) are your friend.

CREAM- Conversion Rule Everything Around Me...CREAM...Dollar Dollar Bill Yall.