Strategy is how you SLAY in business [Beyonce case study]

Strategy is how you slay in your business


On December 13,2013 do you think Beyonce woke up thinking, “...tonight I'm going to release an entire album minutes before midnight.”

No way!

Her team and her came up with a plan as to how they would change the music industry forever.

The change in case you were stuck under a rock until a few moments ago, was without any advance PR, a single to promote the album or any leaked music on the internets. Beyonce released a self titled album on itunes with 14 songs and 17 videos. And unlike most digital records, you weren’t able to pick and choose which songs could be purchased for 99 had to purchase the entire album for $14.99.

Strategy is how you slay in your business.


To slay is to be nothing short of AMAZING. 

828,773 copies were sold in the first three days becoming THE fastest selling album on itunes.

Strategy is how you slay in your business.

In 2013 Beyonce performed during the Super Bowl halftime show. She performed for free, with only the production costs totaling $600,000 being covered by the sponsor [Pepsi]. Immediately following her incredible performance with her biz besties and former Destiny’s Child members...there was a commercial announcing her world tour: Mrs. Carter.

2013 is when Super Bowl commercials hit the record high of $4 million dollars for a 30 second spot.

Strategy is how you slay in your business.

In business you should always be thinking about what's next...and begin to prep for that next step. Connect the dots that you have already established. Your content and actions are related to services that you want to sell. Services and products make sense with where you currently are in your business.

This requires you to take the time to create the systems and strategy that will make your business profitable.

Strategy is how you slay in your business.

A few weeks ago it was confirmed that ColdPlay was headlining the halftime Super Bowl show. There were rumors circulating that Beyonce would perform. The beyhive (Beyonce ‘s following) had difficulties confirming this for weeks. Saturday before the Super Bowl Beyonce released a jaw dropping and controversial video...formation.

Beyonce gave her fans hours to learn the words and enjoy her creativity + greatness while celebrating womanhood. Amazing efforts right before a traditional male dominated event. Then as expected it was Super Bowl time, ColdPlay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars left America astonished with an amazing show. All of the entertainers performed for FREE. However, if paid we're talking $6 million dollars. Seconds after this performance flashed the shortest super bowl commercial...Beyonce's world tour formation. 2016 Super Bowl commercial rates started at $4 million dollars for a thirty second slot.

Strategy is how you slay in your business.

Conversations across social media and America shifted from an intense football game to how could they purchase Beyonce’ concert tickets.

Strategy is how you slay in your business.

You don't have to be Beyonce to create buzz and slay with your business, but you do need to be unapologetically you, understand your audience and have a defined strategy. Spend money on things and services that will advance your business.

Beyonce has used her strategy over and over and each time it breeds miraculous results.

You don’t need a big budget to make big need strategy.

You don’t need 14.2 Million followers on twitter to have a substantial business, you need strategy to grow a following that adores and supports your work. [Side Note: Beyonce hasn’t tweeted since August 2013]

You, my friend, won't know what works until you do the work and implement strategy.