The Best Planners for Women for 2016

There's something magical about pen and paper. Despite all the electronic calendars and planning tools, I love to pull out my notebook and brain dump then enter everything into my planner. After its in my planner, I add it to google calendar/sunrise.

This is the time of year where you start preparing for the holidays and planning for next year. This is also the time when you go out and get/order the planner that is going to help you manage your goals and make profits.

Time to get ready for 2016. Check this post out to find the best planners for women entrepreneurs to use for next year. 


Here are the ten best planners for women for 2016! Despite numbering, these are in no order of how awesome they are:

1. Erin Condren Life Planner [$50 - $65] I discovered the Erin Condren Life Planner last year this time. Let me warn you there is a cult like following with Erin Condren. They take glam planning (stickers and all things pretty) to a new level. You can either go with the 18 month option or the 12 month option. The 2016 versions have a choice of a horizontal or vertical weekly layout. The inspirational quotes throughout the planner are motivating. I love the options for customizing the covers, with the option of changing them out as often as you want.  Click here to save $10

The 10 top planners for entrepreneurs and online business owners. | Via Biz Bestie

The 10 top planners for entrepreneurs and online business owners. | Via Biz Bestie

This is actually the planner I used this year.

2. Inkwell Press Livewell Planner [$54]:  THE planner for women, well at least that’s what the tag line says. The Inkwell Livewell Press Planner has a focus on goal setting and execution. There is a section in the front for planning out your yearly goals and a place for you to reflect on the month you just completed, as well as plan for the next month. *jaw drop* yes girl yes. There are motivational quotes on the mission (planning) boards. It appears very functional in addition to beautiful. The Inkwell Press Livewell Planner has two options for the weekly layout, depending on your preference. So many amazing features. Click here to save $10

The 10 top planners for entrepreneurs and online business owners. | Via Biz Bestie


3. Planner [$20]: These are the cutest planners. They remind me of a cross between Lisa Frank stickers and notebooks in the nineties and a cute Moleskin. Or a trip to your fun aunts house - super girly and amazing...borderline childish but a mature edge. The pages are colorful and full of beautiful fun artwork. planners come with stickers [yaaah], funny prompts and inspirational quotes. planner features the typical yearly, monthly and weekly views.  [SOLD OUT ALMOST EVERYWHERE]

The 10 top planners for entrepreneurs and online business owners. | Via Biz Bestie


4. Visionary Journal [$55]: The Visionary Journal is a combination of a vision board, task manager and day planner. There is a system that it takes you through to set up your goals and strategize to achieve them throughout the year with monthly breakdowns. I really love the areas for brainstorming, mindmapping and prompts on why these goals are important for you. Of course the Visionary Journal has a section for you to create your vision board within the planner. The calendar is not pre-dated, so you are able to begin at anytime.

The 10 top planners for entrepreneurs and online business owners. | Via Biz Bestie


5. Get to Workbook [$55]:The Get to Workbook is a daily planner + goal setting workbook designed to help you make progress on your big goals by taking things one day at a time. Each month has a goal and reflection page. One thing I really love about the Get to Workbook planner is the project planning pages [breaking down big projects to reduce overwhelm] for each month.

6. Simplified Planner [$58]: The Simplified Planner was created to “help women focus on what matters most by building simplicity and joy intentionally into their lives.” The Simplified Planner includes motivational quotes throughouts, an hourly view of your day from 7 am - 7 pm. In addition to you to-do’s for the day.

7. Sugar Paper Planners via Target [$6.99 - $19.99]: The Sugar Paper Planners are very affordable and efficient. Beautiful covers and depending on the style of calendar depends on the planning space. The signature planner offers an area each week where you can:  set one goal for the week, your top three things that you need to accomplish, a to do list, a list of who to call and email, a list of what to buy and ‘don’t forget’ section to notate something you shouldn’t forget. These are just gorgeous. 

8. Passion Planner [$24.99-$29.99]: The Passion Planner is more than just appointments, but you knew I wouldn’t just add one of those bad boys here, right?!? The passion planner helps you to map out your goals and define a road to achieve them. Each week you write out your focus, and there’s a section to reflect something good that occurred that week. The daily planning pages have time slots per half hour from 6am to 10:30 pm. Under the time columns there is a section for personal and work to do lists on the left page. Whereas on the right page there is a blank area for you to get creative [draw, braindump, mind map, write notes, journal etc.]

The 10 top planners for entrepreneurs and online business owners. | Via Kimber Lee Online


9. Lilly Pulitzer Agenda [$28-$36]: The Lilly Pulitzer Agendas are loud and colorful. They remind me of trips to Florida. It comes with stickers and beautiful artwork throughout with various travel and floral themes. Oddly enough there is a section to plan adventures and vacations. What's a year without adventure?

10. Whitney English Day Designer [$49 - $59]: Clean beautiful design meets day design.  Day Designer’s tagline, “the original daily agenda for living a well-designed life. It will keep you on course and focused. It's all about living an intentional life. Every single day. “ Doesn’t that empower you to just go out and be amazing? The Day Designer includes daily planning pages with scheduling from 5am to 9pm, daily inspirational quotes, to-do’s, dinner planning, top 3 to-do prompts, notes and more. Very similar to the Simplified Planner. Whitney English has paired up with Blue Sky and has a cheaper option available which you can check out here.

The 10 top planners for entrepreneurs and online business owners. | Via Kimber Lee Online

In summary, 

The 10 best planners for women for 2016. 


  1. Erin Condren

  2. Inkwell Press Livewell Planner

  3. Bando Planner

  4. Visionary Journal

  5. Get to Workbook

  6. Simplified Planner

  7. Sugar Paper Planners via Target

  8. Passion Planner

  9. Lilly Pulitzer

  10. Whitney English Day Designer

What planner are you planning [pun intended] to use for 2016? 

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