Automate Your Life


What's the one thing you hate doing? I mean you could think of 456,348 other things to do in place of this thing.

I for one hate cleaning, not like borderline hoarder, but it’s number one on my I could be doing something else list. I've always hated to clean up, I blame my parents. I never had chores as a child and my mom washed my clothes until I was 20. Talk about a disservice.


A year ago I outsourced cleaning to my older children. Fail. It must be genetic. They were horrible and I had to clean up after they cleaned, a total waste of time.

A few months ago I decided I wanted someone to come in and clean my house on a regular basis. The BEST decision I could ever make.


Initially I had to get my Huni on board because his thought process was we were able bodied and should be cleaning our own house. I thought to myself, “well you clean it.” I didn't say it but Lord knows my thoughts have to be filtered at times.


Hiring the house cleaner took away from thoughts of not wanting to clean up or having to use time and energy actually cleaning. That time is now spent doing whatever I want. And I mean whatever.


Two years ago I outsourced my daughters hair care. It used to take me hours to do her hair. Remember how I said it should never take 8 hours to do a blog post. Well it was taking me about 3 to 4 hours to wash, dry and style her hair, and the style was bootleg. Every other Saturday she has a standing hair appointment. I drop her off and I go about my day. Priceless.

Here are 3 chic ways to automate your life:

1. Thumbtack offers so amazing services (house cleaning, food preparation, dog walking, etc.) to help you automate your life. The biggest win with with Thumbtack is you are supporting other small businesses.

2. Amazon has an auto fulfillment service, Subscribe & Save, that delivers baby items, health & beauty items, pantry grocery items and household items on a recurring schedule that you set. So put that toilet paper and toothpaste on autopilot and you don’t even have to think about it. Subscribe & Save even offers coupons.

3. In my signature program, Automate Your Biz, I help women to automate their business so they can enjoy their lives.

What can you automate in your life?