What do you do every day? Assess your schedule


What do you do every day? From the moment you wake up *hums I woke up like this*


To the minute you fall graciously asleep. What are you doing?

About a year ago I became very intentional about my time. I was already intentional about my living but had just connected the dots that I wasted a lot of time doing NOTHING. I was busy being busy.

I did an assessment of my days and times. I've since helped hundreds of women to take the same assessments. On average my day starts at 6 am and ends at 11 pm. 

Below is a sample of a typical week for me: I do an overview then enter it into google calendar. Click on the image to see it in action. Save yourself a copy. 

Assessment of your time: 

  1. What time does your day start?

  2. What is your morning routine? Does it include personal time aside from hygiene and getting ready for the day? Do you eat breakfast? Do you cook it? Is it ready made? Are you drinking water? Tea? Coffee? Juice? Do you have babes you need to get ready? Do you drive them to school? Sitter? Daycare? Do you wait for them to get on bus? Etc.

  3. When do you work best? Don't work 9-whatever end time just because you think everyone else is.

  4. what time do you eat lunch? [SN: you need to eat at least 6 times a day]

  5. On what days do you work in your business and what days do you work on your business?

  6. What are your office hours?

  7. Client hours? Content creation hours? Biz development hours? Networking hours?

  8. Do you cook dinner each night?  

  9. Do you go grocery shopping?

  10. Of course you have to block off time for Scandal.

  11. Which days are reserved for dates (kiddie dates, lunch dates, and romantic dates with your honey)?

  12. When do you workout?

  13. When do you shop offline?

3 Chic tips to system mastery

1. Assess your current schedule. Use this PDF to help you.

2. Create a schedule template here. [save a copy to your google drive]

Transfer to google calendar once completed.

3. Honor & respect your time to ensure that others respect your time also.