Mo' Systems Mo' Money: April Income Report


When it comes to business systems, there's three groups of people:

1.  What the hell are systems?

2. I'm making money, why should I care?

3. Systems are the holy grail!

You already know I roll with the third group. Systems and processes have made my life run smooth with rich experiences.  Truly the good life from all aspects.


Quick breakdown of my life: mama to three dreamchasers whose social calendar and sports events puts any A-list celebrity to shame. Wife to Huni who needs 6 clean eating meals a day. CEO and Founder of Kimber & Co. LLC , a hybrid business with coaching components online and consulting offline.  Founder of Divas, Inc. nonprofit organization for girls and women.


You’re probably thinking, "girl, when do you sleep?" 8 hours minimum each night and naps when I can fit them in.

Despite all the hats I wear, I've mastered  “having it together.” No missed appointments, no more forgetting to pick up a kid (am I the only one? sheesh), standing date night with Huni, quality relationships with my family and friends, great self care and thriving businesses.

With systems you have the time to do everything you want. So forget those that tell you, you can't be multi passionate and those that tell you to follow their blueprint. Your plan can be pink or neon orange just have a plan that feels good to you and is yielding positive results.

More time and more money, what more could a girl ask for? (Tweet able)

Here’s my April 2015 income and expenses. My businesses are streamlined and automated. This report is based on two full weeks of work. One week, I had surgery and was recovering. And another week, was a “I just need to rest my mind,” week. 

*The income report will not include income from Divas, Inc. Nonprofits are an entirely different beast. The following is reported based on accrual accounting, income counted when the sale occurs, and expenses counted when the goods or services are received.


Online Earnings

Coaching & Consulting :                                                                                            

  • Automate Your Biz: $4260 [2 clients]
  • Chic Systems Mastery: $1100 [1 clients] 
  • Profit Strategy Sessions: $800 [2 clients]
  • VIP Day: $1700 [1 client] - currently only offered to current/past clients
  • Retainer: $1500 [3 clients] - only offered to current clients

Total Coaching & Consulting Earnings: $9360.00                                            

Affiliate Earnings: $20.44 (Amazon Associates)

Total Online Earnings: $9380.44

Coaching & Consulting Expenses:

  • Mailchimp: $20
  • Leadpages: $37
  • Libsyn: $20
  • Hosting: $20
  • Paypal Fees: $271.74
  • Assistant: $600
  • Coaching: $250
  • Advertising: $100
  • Satoriapp: $25
  • Edgar: $50
  • Internet: $65
  • Zapier: $20

Total Expenses: $1478.74

Online Coaching & Consulting Net Earnings: $7901.70

Offline Consulting Earnings

Kimber & Co. Consulting:

  • Mental Health: $5000 [1 contract]    
  • Business Consulting: $1000 [1 contract]

Total Consulting Earnings: $6000

Kimber & Co. Expenses:

  • Travel: $400
  • Meals and Entertainment: $88.47
  • Insurance: $41.67
  • Assistant: $200

Total Expenses: $730.14

Offline Consulting Net Earnings: $ 5269.86

*Total Net Earnings: $13,171.56


I pay annually for most tools (Contactually, Evernote Premium, Dropbox, Dollar Photo Club) that I use. It's cheaper.

Win for the month:

I took 10 days off and didn’t feel it financially. My mind and body was restored and I returned with immense clarity and creativity. I have truly automated my business.

Let go of the handle bars, live life, and watch your business grow...only with systems.