Flash Back Friday: [Solopreneur Edition] Six & Savvy

flash back friday six and savvy solopreneur kimber lee 

Flashback Fridays: taking a walk back in my entrepreneurial past.

You know how they say some people are born to be entrepreneurs. I never thought that about myself. Looking back though there are many factors that connect the dots & create a picture of the entrepreneurial dream.

Technically I was the only child. My sister and I are 13 years apart. I'm the youngest.

I had a lot of free time to myself.

My mamar had a nice perfume collection. I would spray and spray the various smells until I couldn't breathe. My mama would fuss, but I didn't mind, I was busy creating.

I would pretend that I was a superstar and I was going to an event and everyone couldn't keep their eyes off of me and were lured to me by my perfume.

I started spraying the mixes into old crayola water color paint containers. I would take them to school and sell them. One day my mama locked me out of her room. She said she was tired of me stealing her things and blah blah blah.

She locked me out of my warehouse.

Mama killed production with that.

By this point I was selling to other classrooms [remember elementary students don’t interact with other classes often].


I had even had customers at my after school care program. Different aged kids at different schools too. .

I wasn't ready to close shop. The internet wasn't around yet, so I couldn’t go to google for answers.  

I found everything in my house that smelt good by the slightest. Mixing and mixing and the matches just weren't right.

I was nearing a dead end, and then it came to me: buy your own supplies.

I went to the craft store and got mini bottles. I purchased alcohol, essential oils, and baby powder. We’re not even going to talk about the powder.

I was back in business. I was selling the paint pots at school and aftercare during the week. On Saturdays I would set up shop up the neighborhood and sell the bigger bottles.

I was six and a savvy solopreneur !