Yoga pants are deceitful...don't let your bottom line be too

Yoga pants are deceitful...don't let your bottom line be too

Yoga pants and entrepreneurs become very close. The connection is almost as close as entrepreneurs and their financial systems. 

Why I created Chic Systems Mastery

I created Chic Systems Mastery program because I was tired of seeing chic + savvy solopreneur women struggling in their business. The behind the scenes biz struggle is U-G-L-Y they ain’t got no alibi. The back-end business struggle is real.


I would hear and see these women complaining about working all the time and never having time for herself.


What little time she could find away from her computer was dedicated to her family so her husband wouldn’t start looking at the random women in gym or at work, and so her children wouldn’t think that the computer was all mommy cared about. She craved time with her girlfriends aside from the occasional “LOL” and “I miss you,” responses on Facebook and Instagram.

I knew it was possible to make more money, have clients that adore and rave about you, cultivate relationships and network online; nurture and love a family, while enjoying the luxuries of life with your favorite people.

I’m living proof, as well as my chic + savvy solopreneur superstar clients. We have mastered systems. The dreaded “S” word is what can transform working 7 days a week to having 3 day weekends every week. Systems are traditionally dry and masculine. Most entrepreneurs are either intimidated by systems as they are “one more thing to do,” or they simply have no clue what systems are, or they assume the overwhelm and chaos is just a part of business.  In knowing this, I have added my feminine flair of fabulousness to Chic Systems. I would lie to you and tell you systems are sexy and you should get excited about Evernote, Trello, and Toggl. Simply put, systems aren’t sexy. Yet, the bottom line that systems produce are beautiful.

Think of going to the gym for 30 days straight and how amazing you feel and look afterwards. Eating clean and exercise does a body good. Chic systems and implementation does a business good. Your bottom line increases which means you are making more profits. You aren’t just breaking even. You are able to outsource work that you either don’t want to do or cannot do. You are staying in your zone of expertise and taking on more clients (only if you want to), while that extra 8 hours a week is spent living your passions.

Chic Systems Mastery was created with you in mind. You’re already busy running a business, and some days it seems like the business is running you. This program has done for you worksheets and templates where you just copy & paste the system into your business. Easy peasy, I’ve done all the hard work for you. There are video and audio trainings teaching you to navigate through the tools. A coaching call each week to customize systems for your business. Weekly email coaching in between the coaching calls for support and mentorship. So many goodies and benefits.

My mission is to help women live their dreams. It’s really hard to pursue your dream wholeheartedly when you’re broke, overwhelmed, and working all the time. And what's sexy about that? 

Are you ready to BLAST overwhelm and organize the day to day chaos? Let's do this! 


Working Full-Time, Starting a Business and Partying with friends? Here's the only way to make it work


You've been bit by the entrepreneur bug. There's only one thing that's in your way...that 9-5 that pays primarily all your bills right now. 


You know your purpose and are ready to fully step out on faith. Those bills are still relying on that good ole corporate check. No worries. I know exactly what you need.


What are systems? Systems are a sexy word to describe business structure and processes. See how systems sounds much sexier? 

Most of your day and time is accounted for with your corporate gig. The night hours, lunch breaks, and the weekend are all you have to make this dream work. A scheduling system is what you need first. 

So let's map out a realistic schedule: 

Monday - Thursday

Dedicate 8 PM - 11 PM to your business. 

That means 5 PM-7:59 PM is yours.

Network, enjoy your family, workout, eat clean or take a nap [although naps after 4 pm aren't good for productivity]. 

I highly recommend having working lunches. So instead of spilling the latest tea with your friends at work, do these instead: catch up on your business emails, find new connections on twitter, listen to podcasts, draft a blog post, or read a book that will push you ahead. 

Friday's are a free card. Make the most of it however you choose. A few suggestions: go to networking happy hours [don't drink...sip on your dream and soda], hang out with your friends and family that adore you, go do things that make your scream with excitement or party like its 1999. 


If nothing is happening on Friday switch the time with Saturday or Sunday. 

Saturday & Sunday

Dedicate 8 hours to your business. It doesn't have to be 8 full hours. Chunk your time if you like. Chunking is far more effective for productivity and creativity. 

Chunking is merely setting aside a small "chunk" of time and using ALL that time to one task. 

You can use a pomodoro app like Marinara Timer to schedule the time you want to chunk. Sometimes I'll do 15 minutes on 5 minutes off or 30 minutes on 15 minutes off.

The standard Pomodoro method is a 25 minute period of time with a break afterwards. Each break is 5 minutes long, with a 15 minute break after the completion of the fourth Pomodoro. 

I love that the Marinara Timer gives you the option on how you chunk your time. After all you are the boss! 

Every week you will need to compare your social schedule and your business schedule.  This way you are able to enjoy your friends and family like the social butterfly you are, and also create amazing offers, products, and services for the world to enjoy.

Google Calendar is perfect and syncs with event invites on Facebook. Sunrise is a great app that ties to Google calendar, your smart phone, Facebook, Eventbrite, and majority of the productivity apps. SCORE!

Creating a business, working full-time and enjoying your social life is possible. You don't have to choose. 

your time is already limited, Speed up the process to working full-time for your spot in Chic Systems Mastery. 


The Cat in the Hat can teach you a thing or two

Every night (okay let me be real only Sunday through Thursday) I read a story to my 3 years old. For the past two weeks he has only wanted to read The Cat in the Hat. So last night I ask him does he want to read another book. Of course he says no.

WHY?? I ask.

“Because I like the characters, they use funny timing [rhyming] words,” he replies.

Kids are simple.

He didn't care that he has an entire library of other books- to include many Dr. Seuss books. The Cat in the Hat makes him laugh and he appreciates that.


It made me think how sometimes in business [& life] we complicate things.

Overthinking and just being the expert can definitely complicate things from time to time.

Creating systems from scratch can be beastly and overwhelming. They aren't sexy. You are, but your systems, not so much.


Keep it Simple.

When creating your systems keep them simple.

Systems are a bunch of moving parts. Systems aren't your business unless you're in the systems business.

You're in business to make money, systems simply support those efforts.

If you're a checklist person use checklists & asana or evernote.

If you're a visual person use post-it's, white boards and paper & pen. Check out Trello too.

We have a baby night time routine system based on my son's behaviors. (Refusal to go to bed because he's "hungry " aka he's learned that kids aren't sent to bed hungry or he hasn't finished a puzzle or he needs to call his mama or papa.)

Here's how it would look:

  • Baby eats dinner
  • Baby picks out book
  • Baby gathers toys he wants in bath if different from the night before
  • Baby says goodnight to everyone in house
  • Ask baby does he want to call grandparents...
  • If yes call grandparents
  • Remind Baby that he is not allowed downstairs after he gets in bath.
  • Baby has bath  
  • Baby gets in Pajamas
  • Mommy reads to baby
  • Mommy & Baby says prayers
  • Mommy reminds baby that he is not allowed downstairs
  • Mommy kisses baby & tells him God will protect him he's already said his prayers
  • 15 minutes mommy or daddy checks to see if baby is sleep

3 Chic Tips to Mastery:

1. Vow to keep life & business simple.

2. Assess where you can add The Cat & The Hat tactics: simple, fun, & helpful.

3. Laugh more. Worry less. Laugh lines are acceptable, stress wrinkles aren't as cute.

Systems reduce the worry about money and day to day practices.

I made a mistake

On my way back in town this past Sunday, I was editing my podcast in the car because I knew my schedule was thrown off, and it wouldn’t have been done. I haven’t outsourced my editing to my assistant, because I like to keep my personality and quirks part of the episode. So I edited the podcast in a car full of disgruntled traveling children. Note to self: just don’t!

When I recorded the podcast Skype cut out for a few moments while I was telling Chivon my story. When it reconnected I told her I would edit that part out. So when editing in the car full of distractions that was the one part I did not edit.


So as I listened to the uploaded episode this morning driving my babes to school and I heard myself say, “no worries I’ll edit this part out.” I felt like such a loser. How could I listen and MISS the one part that needed to be edited out. Immediately the perfectionist in me couldn’t get home fast enough. I wanted to delete the current episode, edit the portion out, and re-upload like it never happened.

Then I thought, “girl, you do not have time for ANY of that in your schedule today.” I was thinking how I could move things around to get it done, but it wasn’t plausible. Sometimes I have to have pep talks with myself.

So today’s pep talk went something like this:

Mistakes happen. You aren’t perfect. Get over it. No one cares. Really, no one cares. So what.

After my pep talk, I was fine. I went on with my day. I promoted the episode, because it’s a great conversation. Even the bit I had planned to edit.

3 Chic Tips to Mastery if you ever make a mistake:

1.       Own it! Acknowledge that you made an error.

2.       Apologize if necessary.

3.       Move on! Try not to make the same mistake and keep moving!

Even with systems, you will make mistakes, and thats okay. Don’t let them hold you back. Download the episode on Self-care for solopreneurs. Being kind to yourself is definitely a self-care tactic.