8 important questions to ask before hiring a business coach


Eight months into the year and I’ve spent close to $9000 on business consulting/coaching & development. The school of life doesn’t have all the answers. Over the years, I’ve developed a gift for determining frauds aka those less skilled than they portray.

Learning a coach is a "bad coach" or a less developed coach can be expensive and time consuming. Aaaand as you know, I’m all about saving you time and maximizing on your profits.

Here are 8 important questions to ask before hiring a business coach:

1.) Do you have a coach? 

Yes, coaches have coaches. You want to ensure that this person invests in their business and development also. Books, podcasts and e-courses cannot take you the same place a coach can. There's something about the experienced guidance and strategies that coaches can provide to push you towards your desired goals.

So why would you want a coach who isn't investing in their development to help you with yours? Just sayin'. 

If they aren't currently being coached, who was their last coach? When was the last time they were in a coaching program?

2.) What business experience do they have? 

Is this her first business? RUN! I kid...partly. What experience does she have to teach you? There are no true qualifications for coaches and consultants, legally, so inquire about her successes in her own business or past business ventures. This may sound evasive, but wouldn't you ask a nanny 'in your face q's' before leaving your baby with her? Yes, you would. 

3. What are you an expert at?

This is actually a trick question. You should KNOW what she's an expert at. General business coaches are not what you need unless you are super super super new to business aka your business is in the "crazy ideas I don't quite think I can pull off" section in your mind. You want to work with someone who specializes in a niche/topic/area that you need help with. So if you aren't sure what she does and you follow her website and her social media, she isn't for you yet. She maaay have issues with her messaging, branding or marketing and that's why you aren't clear. But that only means she isn't clear either. So if you have to ask this question, the answer is KIM. And not in Kimber, but: 

Keep it Moving

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4.) Why did you become a business coach? 

This is a fun Q and generally we work with those that have the same values and mission as us. 

5.) What success has her clients had? 

Testimonials are cool, but on the spot: what real results have you gotten for your clients? She should be able to tell you a quick case study on how her strategies have helped her clients to succeed. 

6.) What can I expect from coaching with you?

Listen. Is this a regurgitated sales page or nah? Seriously, listen to determine is this what you were seeking. 

          6.1) What’s your coaching style? Does she hold your hand and coddle you through? Or does she call you out             on your bull and ask you why you haven’t done anything you committed to doing?  Is she willing to fire you if           you don't show up and do the work to grow your business?

If you were wondering, I will fire you if you aren't ready to show up + show out!

          Question 6 is gold. Ask + pay attention....take notes if you need to. 

7. Have you ever owned a business that failed? 

95% of entrepreneurs will answer this with a YESS! And I left 5% for error which technically is 100%, shout out to Grad school research class for that lesson. Which I failed by the way with a B-. See how all failures, really aren't failures but learning lessons. [No worries, I retook it and have the principles down.] 

This question ties in with question two, but don't ask in order. Which is why it is down here in the trenches. Trust me on the ordering. 

8. What systems do you have in place in your business? 

Of course I would suggest asking about systems, as systems + processes are what make a business run smoothly. I have seen and worked with some "top" coaches whose systems were a hot mess. It doesn't take away from the expertise, but it definitely can be distracting and make you appear unprofessional. 

When working with a great coach, you can feel as if you gained a new bestie. However, you don't need a new bestie, your business does. An amazing coach partners with you to understand your business and your goals to help you win! Your coach becomes your business' bestie

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