What filter are you wearing?


We experience life through a filter. Our filter comes from experience or lack thereof.

None of us will EVER have the privilege of being able to have the option of having the same exact filter as someone else.

That's pretty awesome when you think about it. We have something that no one else will EVER have. Even if we explain if to them, they still won't see it the SAME as us because we can't merely box our entire story and life into a box to explain how the filter even developed.

We all get caught up in our own lives, that we forget this.

Everyone you encounter receives you through the filter of where they currently are.  (tweet this)

Their lens may be dirty, scratched, cracked, shiny, blue....you get it. Don't take it personal. It's never personal.

Our filters come out through thoughts, opinions, and actions.

Ever notice how a person with a guilty conscience acts?!? They automatically assume you mean things based upon their dirty filter.

So when you share your big glorious dreams with people and they don’t respond with excitement, don’t take it personal.

When someone judges you based upon your choices, don’t take it personal.

They are looking through their filter. It isn’t meant to harm you or shy you away, it’s to protect you, as far as they’re concern.

Unless they are just negative nancy’s that need a complete filter transport or a high five across the face.

We usually aren’t offended by negative people that don’t mean anything to us or those whose opinions we devalue. With that said it may be time to rid yourself of those people. Or on a lighter note add another filter just for them: You won’t discuss things with them, where you know they won’t respond honestly and unbiased.

Common filters:

  1. Everyone should go to college.
  2. Everyone should get married.
  3. Men should (insert what you believe)
  4. Women should (insert what you believe)
  5. Failure is the worst thing ever.
  6. Only strangers rape/sexual assault
  7. The early bird gets the worm.
  8. Working for the government is true financial security. 
  9. Everyone should purchase a home. 
  10. *Insert your own.*

And sometimes it’s hard for all of us to be honest and unbiased, so be gentle. Just like with vision, our filters can be altered and improved. Instead of buying glasses and contacts and having an exam, take the initiative to "clean” any filter that you have that isn’t quite 20/20.

Live. Love. Action. 

1. Detach yourself from the criticism given. It's normal to feel happy when you're celebrated and defensive when criticized. 

2. Subtract their filter and find the part of the advise/statement that was helpful. 

3. Don't take it personal.