The Kimber Lee Show: The Power of Gratitude

A few months back I was introduced to podcasts. What in the world is a podcast you ask? Basically audio, talking about any and everything. I mainly listen to business and self-help pods...go figure. When I created the mission impossible course, I used audio to accompany the program and the response was well received. There is something about the human voice that helps us to resonate with things.

I will warn you, the format will be very laid back. As a matter of fact I was driving as I recorded this episode and the "ums" are prevalent. However, if you're listening for those, you missed the true content. :)

This episode is entitled the power of gratitude. In the future episodes there will be interviews of phenomenal women throughout the world and a girl talk section, you know the things we only talk about with our girls and I'll invite some of my girls to chime in from time to time. It's always interesting when your most of your girls are therapists. Very interesting! The podcast is on itunes, just search The Kimber Lee Show if you want to subscribe. I’ll explain that process in time, but it’s really simple.