Phenomenal Fridays featuring Own Your Sole

Phenomenal Fridays- highlighting phenomenal females who took the leap of faith towards their passions and life’s purpose.


I interviewed Stephanie Cook owner of Own Your Sole. She was gracious enough to share how adversity pushed her passion into profit.


1.)    Tell me a little about yourself and your company.

My name is Stephanie Cook I am a 32 year old native of Newport News , Va. I am the Owner of Own Your Sole shoetique. I started my company after I was laid off from my job of 7 years. I had always wanted to start my own business but this was the push I needed.

2.)    What challenges do you think you face for being a woman in your field?

The biggest challenge I face is making my brand bigger than my competition. However nothing great comes easy. So, I believe my time will come when God sees fit.


3.)    What advice do you have for any woman considering starting her own brand/business?

The only advice I have is Do It. There is no better feeling than to see your hard work and dedication appreciated.

4.)    Have you ever dealt with self-doubt regarding your company?

Absolutely, I have doubts every day . This is new to me; I am totally out of my comfort zone. I am learning that speaking positive things into the universe makes every doubt disappear


5.)    What's your daily mantra?

Today I choose my greatness. Today I will own my greatness and play big.

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