Daily Affirmation: Own your story, trust your process

I own my story and trust my process, fully! Read it, believe it, receive it! 

I often say "own your story and trust your struggle!" What does all that mean? Every situation, every circumstance, everything that makes you- you...own it!


Accept it! Embrace it! It's your story, it's not going anywhere. Forgive yourself and forgive others!  I’m not going to lie and say that’s an easy task. However, you will forever be stuck, until you OWN it, even if it seems that you are moving forward.

 Once you own that story, share it with others, share it often. Not everyone will appreciate your story, and guess what?!? That's fine! You will know who you feel comfortable and trust enough to share with. Healing will begin and change will ignite.

Then pick up that imaginary pen and keep writing and living. This time eliminate the pain, the fear, guilt, and anything that was holding you back. Learn from your own stories and mend the error in your thought process to avoid operator error in your upcoming chapters.

Own your story, trust your struggles. No pity parties. This isn't about all the wrongs, but how you can bring all the right! It's your social obligation to let your light shine.

Positive thoughts will make magnificent changes in your life. If you know someone who could benefit from these affirmations, share away!